Aleksey Mozgovoi: “It is a Gift to Die in May…”

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A poem from martyred Novorussian Revolutionary hero Aleksey Mozgovoi.  Rest in Power.   It is a gift to die in May— An easy task to dig a grave, And nightingales will sing their song Inimitably, like their last.   In … Continue reading

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TSIDMZ: Nostalgia for the Past and Nostalgia for the Future

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by Boris Nad “ThuleSehnsucht In Der MaschinenZeit” – TSIDMZ – is not a music band, but a project, concept, idea, backed by one man: Solimano Mutti. The name of the project (in German) means: “Nostalgia for Thule in the Time … Continue reading

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Alain de Benoist on French P.M. Manuel Valls

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Leading French academic, journalist and founding philosopher of GRECE and the European New Right, Alain de Benoist, recently took questions regarding Prime Minister of France and Socialist Party leader Manuel Valls.  Here are his eye opening answers. Translated by Venator … Continue reading

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New Resistance Manifesto in Swedish

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Open Revolt is very happy to present our New Resistance Manifesto translated into Swedish by New Resistance Sweden. The Future is Ours!   –>En bättre värld är möjlig Allt för ofta internaliserar vi i arbetarklassen kapitalismens tankegods med resonemang som … Continue reading

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Report on the Jean Parvulesco Symposium Bucarest 2015

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A symposium on the French writer Jean Parvulesco led by Vlad Sauciuc and the Romanian branch office of the TV news channel Russia Today was held in the Hotel Crystal Palace of Bucharest on February 28th and 29th 2015. From … Continue reading

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Don’t Wake the Russian Bear (Video)

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An Important video posted in solidarity with everyone fighting for freedom and justice in Novorossia.

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Alexander Dugin: We Did Not Call You

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by Alexander Dugin 1. The gap between ideology and politics in today’s Russia is huge and intends not to decline. Political life is dominated by compromise, and pure ideologies either completely marginalized, or (even worse) forms a parody. This situation … Continue reading

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Ghost Brigade: The Appeal and Manifesto of Alexei Mozgovoi

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Considered by many as the Ernesto “Che” Guevara of our time, Novorossian freedom fighter Alexei Mozgovoi, leader of the heroic Ghost Brigade, has issued a urgent appeal and manifesto.  Pay attention. Translation of this important video by Kazurra.  Show support.

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Nikolas Schreck: Kingdom of Heaven is Near

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A schuss from Psychedelic Revolution, Tantric Buddhism, Satanic Panic, Radio Werewolf, Manson murders, Sex Magic and Left Hand Path introduction to the Kingdom Of Heaven Interview with Nikolas Schreck You are a musician, a religious teacher and an author. I … Continue reading

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A Short Interview with James Porrazzo About the Film “The Interview”

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Welcome to a quick talk between a popular Men’s Rights blogger (who prefers to stay anonymous) and New Resistance’s own James Porrazzo about the controversy surrounding the recent film “The Interview.” Have you been following the news and media coverage … Continue reading

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