European Decadence

by Julius Evola

Present Western "civilization" awaits a substantial upheaval, without which it is doomed to collapse sooner or later.

 It has carried out the most complete perversion of the rational order of things.

Reign of matter, gold, machines, numbers; in this civilization there is no longer breath or liberty or light.

The West has lost its ability to command and to obey.

It has lost its feeling for contemplation and action.

It has lost its feeling for values, spiritual power, godlike men.

It no longer knows nature.  No longer a living body made of symbols, gods, and ritual acts, no longer a harmony, a cosmos in which man moves freely like "a kingdom within a kingdom", nature has assumed for the  Westerner a dull and fatal exteriority whose mystery the secular sciences seek to bury in trifling laws and hypotheses.

It no longer knows Wisdom. It ignores the majestic silence of those who have mastered themselves: the enlightened calm of seers, the exalted reality of those in whom the idea becomes blood, life, and power. Instead it is drowning in the rhetoric of "philosophy" and "culture",  the speciality of professors, journalists, and sportsmen who issue plans, programs, and proclamations. Its wisdom has been polluted by a sentimental, religious, humanitarian contagion and by a race of frenzied men who run around noisily celebrating "becoming"  and "practice", because silence and contemplation alarm them.

It no longer knows the state, the state as value crystallized in the Imperium. Synthesis of the sort of spirituality and majesty that shone brightly in China, Egypt, Persia, and Rome, the has been overwhelmed by the bourgeois misery of a monopoly of slaves and traders.

Europe's formidable "activists" no longer know what war is, war desired in and of itself as a virtue higher than winning or losing, as that heroic and sacred path to spiritual fulfilment exalted by Lord Krishna in the Baghavad Gita.

They know not warriors, only soldiers. And a crummy little war was enough to terrorize them and drive them to rehashing the rhetoric of humanitarianism, and pathos or, worse still, of windbag nationalism and Dannunzianism.

Europehas lost its simplicity, its central position, its life. The democratic sickness and the Semitic poison corrode it in all its roots—right down to its law, sciences, and speculative thought.  Gone are the leaders, beings who stand out not for their violence, their gold, or for their skills as slave traders but, on the contrary, by their unwavering and transcendent qualities of life. Europeis a great irrelevant body, sweating and restless because of an anxiety that no one dares to express. Gold flows in its veins; its flesh is made up of machines, factories  and laborers its arms; its brain a newspaper page. A great shapeless body tossing and turning, driven by dark and unpredictable forces that mercilessly crush whoever wants to oppose it or merely escape its cogwheels.

Such are the achievements of Western "civilization". This is the vaulted  result of the superstitioun of "Progress" - progress beyond Roman imperiality, beyond radiant Hellas, and all the other exemplary forms of the great Aryan primordial civilisations.

And the noose tightens everyday around those who are still capable of great loathing and great rebellion.

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