Open Revolt on Colonel Gaddafi

American Front’s James P. on Colonel Gaddafi

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m writing this with tears in my eyes.

I was given my first copy of the Green Book in 1990 or 1991 by Michael Moynihan of the old Storm Press.

Shortly after our Canadian Front was launched by a Comrade who could have really taught a University course on the Green Book if he wanted to. Between his influence and one of my other mentors, Troy Southgate’s, who was also a Gaddafi devotee, I was motivated to submerge myself into study of Gaddafi, the Green Book and the Third Universal Theory. Which is exactly what I did. This study was greatly assisted by the old staff at the Libyan Consulate in NYC who became good friends of our American Front, a friendship that lasted through the 1990s.

The Green Book was more than anything else the text American Front based our concept of the Third Position on and when I became Chairman in 1994 – we not only made our leadership vanguard study the Green Book we did our best to translate it’s main concepts into a form that fit our North American context.

This reinforced and strengthened both our Revolutionary ethic and our break with the forces of reaction.

Twice we received invitations to Tripoli but couldn’t sort out the logistics of the trip, to my eternal regret.

The revolutionary American Front, that is AF from the expelling of the reactionaries in 1993 up until our “tactical hibernation” in 2002, and our reemergence above ground in 2010 has always acknowledged our loyalty and our debt to the brother-leader Colonel Gaddafi, his Green Book and the Libyan Jamahiriya. This truth is one we‘ve never dreamt of concealing – good propaganda or not.

For more than 20 years, my entire adult life, Colonel Gaddafi has been my, and American Front’s, constant revolutionary companion.

Not once has he lied to us, betrayed us or let us down.

I have no idea if the globalist propaganda machine’s latest reports of Colonel Gaddafi’s capture and quick execution by the NATO pigs and the rats of the NTC are true or false.

I haven’t watched the videos of this “event” and out of my love and respect for Comrade Gaddafi I won’t watch them now or ever.

I can and will say this. To myself, to Open Revolt and to our American Front it doesn’t matter if the brother-Leader was martyred in combat against the pigs and rats or if he has escaped to reemerge and physically lead the Resistance against the globalists, Mahdi like, when the time is correct.

Either way he has proven himself our hero and inspiration.

A hero of heroes, to me the greatest as of yet, of my life time.

Wether his body is alive or dead Colonel Gaddafi’s spirit lives on.

Eternally in the Green Book, in the Jamahiriya, in the National Revolutionary spirit and in the  struggle for Freedom and Social Justice.

We will continue his fight, which is our Fight.

To Victory or Death.

Yours for the Resistance,

James P

American Front

Global Revolution Alliance

“I will never give up on Libya, I will fight to the end, I will not run nor leave my home land.”

“No orders are needed, come out into the streets, clean the country from the rats until the green flag of freedom is flying everywhere again.”

“Do not trust the media, they will say I have said this or that, that I have died, or that I am here or there. They lie, and are easily manipulated, so do not trust them.”

— Colonel Muamar Al Gaddafi

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