Globalist Vampires: First Libya next target Syria


by Ugo Gaudenzi

Wail Zwaiter, the Palestinian press secretary of the desolate Libyan embassy of King Idriss, slowly translated into Italian the radio account of what has just happened, on the night of September 1, 1969 in Tripoli. Shortly before, he had written for us, in his own hand and in his language, a tribute to Roger Coudrouy, (as Saleh, the Righteous), the Young Europe militant killed in action with armed fedayeen in the Arab territories preyed on by Israel. He scanned the two names of the “Young Officers”, authors of the dethronement of the monarch set up by the British: Khadafi and Jallud, then again “Khadafi” pronounced with the first cut off “a” which belongs to the Arab vocality.

In Libya,  a group of Arab nationalist officers had seized power. As it had already happened, in Egypt, with Gamal Abdel Nasser, an ardent standard-bearer of the univocal Socialist identity of the whole Arab nation. Good news for us as part of the Socialist and Nationalist Europe, to which the Atlantic enemies had torn identity and sovereignty.

We could not but support, even with our small forces, this new wind of freedom blowing to the south of our Mediterranean sea. Immediate mobilization in the universities which were, at that time, our construction centre for an alternative to the Italian party politics, feud to the winners of the Second World War. In the streets of Rome, in our leaflets and posters, a praise to “Gheddafi” – so we christened him, and it is now the Italian spelling of his name – was immediate and unquestioned.

And it continued over the years, even after the assassination of Wail Zwaiter shot by a Mossad commando of the doorstep of his home in Rome. Although, with a wave of racism, he had driven away the Italians living in Libya for generations and had launched into a tirade against “colonial fascism” (which was also forced on Jewish refugees from Tripoli).  We produced the first Italian translation and distribution of Gaddafi’s Green Book, outlining the “people committees” and the “government of the masses”, the so-called Jamahirija.

Until, perhaps for propaganda or necessity, the “Colonel” distanced himself too much from Nasser’s  socialist and nationalist ideas, overplayed on the issue of “criminal Italian colonialists”, imagined too much to be “the only Arab revolutionary”, alienated too much from the context of his greatest nation (the assassination of Imam Mussa Sadr in Lebanon still remains unclear: only the West was glad about it), played a too redundant and folkloristic role of the new man of Africa, distanced himself too much from his faithful collaborators (like Jallud) and, in particular, relied too much on his presumed “invulnerability” to a vengeance set up by Western countries, that formally flattered him but substantially hated him.

We, of course, never hated him. He remained a symbol of freedom and progress, and not only for his people.

Now, a martyr, he left his body in his homeland, stoned and insulted by a crowd of people that could not even state why they were killing him; now that his sought assassination was welcomed by an explosion of joy by Western governments – the “new crusaders” of the New World Order – now that the NATO, the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, has appeased its thirst for blood, now that the Triad Washington-London-Tel Aviv already yearns for its next prey, Syria, and the second on the list, Iran …

Well, now everything is clear: the Libyan slaughter intended to end an “incorrect”,  democratic system: i.e. non-capitalist and not usurious and didn’t spare any of the closest family members and associates of the Colonel (who would have certainly been ” too troublesome” to listen to in any courtroom, even in the Hague puppet one…).

But we, the laity, the pagans, the non-Muslims, are confident that Muammar Gaddafi is now in his kingdom, in his Eden.

While the Atlantic, and their mindless minions, have sunk deeper into their Jehenna.

Their “triumph” is their end.



English translation slightly edited by Open Revolt.


contact  Ugo Gaudenzi here:
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