AF and NR: A interview with James P.

NOVEMBER COMING FIRE! James P. American Front’s second (and final) Chairman was planning on using Open Revolt as vehicle for a “Halloween Statement” but we caught him and forced him to do this interview. What an interview it is… brace yourself for part 1, part 2 coming soon!

OR: James you’re coming to us tonight with some incredible news. It’s probably the last thing many would expect from you or from American Front…

JP: I can’t answer about other’s expectations. What I can say is this – what we’re doing is out of love for the Revolutionary cause here in the Americas. We’ve gone over this internally and brought the question and concept to comrades who’s opinion we hold dear outside of AF and the consensus has been the same – completely in support of our “Halloween Statement.”

OR: Which is?

JP: American Front is not, and will not be accepting new members. That we are entering into a new organization which we’ve layed the foundation for with our years of struggle as America’s only national revolutionaries – New Resistance. This is where our efforts and work will be and no one from this day, Oct 30 2011 on is to use the name “American Front” except in a historical sense. The confusion raised by state assets, bigoted idiots, wannabes and so on ends now.

The national revolutionaries are in New Resistance or coming into New Resistance. Anyone claiming AF post November 1st is a liar and a counter-revolutionary and will be treated as such.

AF is the past. New Resistance is the present. New Resistance is the Future!

OR: Many comrades will love this news James. What role are you playing in this?

JP: The New Resistance idea was developed collectively, by our militants in both America and Canada with advice and assistance from our mentors in Europe. This is something I can only take small credit for. In fact I and our other comrades who have been AF as long as I have, probably had the most emotional attachment to the name and symbols of AF.

As for my role in New Resistance I am our chairman in the US and will continue my work on Open Revolt and the Green Star.

OR: What inspired the name New Resistance?

JP: It fits our movement perfectly. The NEW is for our new ideas and methods we use and offer. RESISTANCE for the fact we are 100% a resistance movement – we reject reformist and electoral politics in North America completely. We also use this name to pay homage to our comrade Christian Bouchet‘s Nouvelle Resistance of the 1990s a great influence and inspiration to us.

OR: Has the program changed from AF to New Resistance?

JP: New Resistance is a step beyond what AF had developed into in it’s final days…  and make no mistake AF was the most radical national revolutionary group North America had seen.  Until now.

AF’s third position was unique. Our third position had little in common with the rest of the world’s “third position” groups. Most were and are far to the right of us and they made us sick. Embarrassments.

We have no use at all for the term “third position” anymore.

OR: Why James?

JP: Well, It’s not even a close approximation of our political viewpoint and it hasn‘t been for a long time.

History, to us, has proven that the accusations made by neo-Nazis, right-wing fascists and most third positionists against the Socialist world were false. The Socialist nations and militant groups, have battled (and some still battle) the Globalists, with ideas and bullets. The view that they offer “a different side to the same coin” we’ve come to see for what it is – ludicrous propaganda.

The collapse of the Socialist power block in Europe gave birth to the worst threat humanity has ever faced – a uni-polar world with the vast majority of power in the hands of the Globalist, Capitalist enemy.

So to be clear what New Resistance is offering is a development of socialism not an opponent to it.

The layman could call this “left nationalism”, the better read or more politically developed the Fourth Position (our take on the Fourth Political Theory developed by our friend and mentor Alexander Dugin).

Let the soft reformists and the deranged bigots in North America have the “third position” – not that they’ll do anything with it anyway.

OR: Please continue further about New Resistance’s program…

JP: If you believe in Social Justice, as we do, you must fight for the ideal of a more Direct Democracy.

What the Globalists offer is no democracy and they know it. Where is the popular rule? Where is the referendums on important issues? Why the insane American electoral system almost no one understands? Why not one vote for one citizen all holding equal weight?

These are things we would establish given the chance within a revolutionary context and protected by revolutionary safe guards.

Beyond politics we offer our militants much more structure within New Resistance and our expectations are much higher of them than they were in AF. Hard work and sacrifice, adventure and danger are the order of the day.

OR: As for race and religion?

JP: New Resistance is 100% proud and 0% racist. Bigots of any kind are not welcome. New Resistance is for the strong, smart and daring – if you are weak, stupid or a coward ( and bigots are usually at least two of the three) you aren’t welcome with us and never will be welcome with us.

We are a secular movement and open to comrades of most faiths or of no religious faith at all. Only some of the “new” religious creations, are not welcome within NR. These things that have been clearly created to push reactionary political agendas, with no foundation in Tradition. Wahabi Islam, Christian Identity and Creativity are some examples of the “Frankenstein“ monster “faiths” not welcome within New Resistance.

This stance is not that of a religious bigot – but of a political militant.

OR: You’ve made some extreme statements regarding Jews in the past…

I’m the first to admit I was in serious ethical error. I allowed my hatred for Zionism (a racist political movement) and Capitalism (which many Jews have risen to great heights as masters of, certainly in disproportionate numbers  to their numbers in the American population) carry over into a blind attitude towards  all Jews. These statements were made well over a decade ago and I regret them. Not to give excuses, nor does it make it right,  but I’m hardly the only anti-imperialist to commit this mistake.  Or recover from it.

The truth is great contributions have been made, and are being made, by both secular and religious Jews in opposition to both Capitalism and Zionism – and I, and New Resistance, are lucky enough to call many of these brave activists friends and comrades.

To state this as clearly as I can: we reject anti-Semitism and other forms of religious bigotry completely.

(to be continued.)

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