Manifesto of FARC


September 2007,


1- The dignity is calling us to a united resistance, a convergence and a National Agreement against the fugitive, illegitimate and illegal government which has taken the Palace of Nariño.

In this way we can overcome the deep institutional crisis of the government which is destroying our country, and we can coordinate true ways towards a lasting peace.

Colombia deserves respect. We cannot tolerate any more of this paramilitary drug trafficking mafia of estate owners and stockbrokers, drug traffickers and businessmen backed, with the military support of the United States` government and media dictatorship, which turned Colombia into a hell of war, massacres, massive detentions of citizens, disappearances, misery and plundering, and of all the excesses of State terrorism.

2- The government of Uribe follows the guidelines of Washington and the requirements of powerful paramilitary bosses like Salvatore Mancuso, Jorge 40, Castaño, Cuco Vanoy, Isaza, Báez, Macaco, Don Berna, El Aleman, Giraldo, El Tuso, Gordo Lindo and other sinister personages of saw and cocaine, who are partners of the President. This mafia financed Uribe`s two presidential campaigns with bags full of dollars.

Yes; they chose him, and they are in charge through him.

Tens of congressmen, governors and mayors imposed themselves with rifles, terror and electoral frauds and have acted like puppets of the paramilitaries in politics and in government. Since they believed they are the owners of the country, they had no objection in proclaiming with clarions the victory that they had managed to choose 35 % of the current congress, which equals approximately 80 representatives and senators. The same contaminated votes took Uribe to the Presidency of the Republic, and much more and that is why, his presidency is illegitimate and illegal.

This government is established on thousands of mass graves and massacres; on deprived lands and millions of people displaced; on tears and mourning… Nothing was done without the approval or participation of the official armed forces.

The whole dome of the State, starting with Uribe himself, the main leader of the “paracos”, is invaded by the drug trafficker monster which has invaded Colombia. The Vice-president was the inspirer of the paramilitary block which operates above the government. The command of the army and the police cannot deny that they always act in concert to commit offenses with them. The Minister of Defense conspired with Carlos Castaño. The ex-chancellor Araújo was on Jorge 40’s pay roll. The ex-chief of the DAS Jorge Noguera, in addition to mounting with them, the well-known electoral fraud in favor of Uribe, also gave them the list of trade union and popular leaders who had to be murdered.

The country was robbed by the paramilitary chiefs and Uribe didn’t say anything. The natural resources were stolen. They took a bite out of all contracts that turned up. They plundered the departmental and municipal budgets. They were allowed to receive taxes …

The Agreement of Ralito, were covert relations between the government and its paramilitaries were sworn – agreements that they had impunity, in which the government promised to guarantee punishing them with only symbolic penalties, to give them participation in politics, and not ever send them to international courts, to respect their riches which they had stolen, to allow their drug trafficking and their laundering of assets.

These are the reasons that have compelled President Uribe to such unusual contempt and to challenge the providence of the Supreme Court of justice pushing them to declare that paramilitarism and coordinating to commit offenses is not sedition. He understood that without the threat of the label of political crimes being hung on the paramilitaries he was sanctified and clean.This provides them the option to act with impunity , not only favoring the paramilitaries, but acquits the State, generator of this inhuman counterinsurgent strategy in which also the CIA and the DEA are also involved.

The fact is Uribe has earned the repudiation of the people, so much that he receives it on his international tours with screams of killer, killer. He must resign  for his illegitimate and illegal acts with the paramilitaries.

Any government in the world in such circumstances would have already collapsed without offering a solution. And we the Colombians are expected  to do no less than tolerate this breed of  government,  supported by their allies the United States.

3- Colombia is still being violated by the politics of Democratic Safety designed by Washington, a development of the old Doctrine of National Safety and a strategy of dominance of the empire over our people of Our America. Essentially these politics – explained by general Craddock from SOUTH-COM – are planned in the framework of a neoliberal re-colonization, to secure the investment and the pillage of transnational corporations by means of the application of severe laws and force, to suppress and destroy the resistance of the people and to silence social dissent.

We cannot remain passive against these politics which have already been put into practice by other governments of our hemisphere.

In our Colombian situation the Democratic Security has a “Patriotic Plan” as a military component, whose principal target is to defeat the FARC guerrillas, or if it fails in that then to decrease FARC’s will to fight in order to force it to the negotiation table. Certainly they do not feel calm facing this alternative of power constructed by the people as a resistance to decades of state violence and oppression.

With the aim to defeat the guerrillas they mobilized tens of battalions and mobile brigades towards the south and made large supported operations in other areas of the country. They installed command and control positions with gringos in Larandia and Three Corners, Caquetá, on the threshold of Amazonia that they covet. They activated spy-satellites and devices with high military technology. They deployed strategic encirclements, blocked rural areas, displaced the population, murdered and kidnapped civilians, burned houses, stole cattle, bombed day and night, threshed forest and mountain ranges, and have not been able to show a strong result for all of this in these five years. There is only the weakened bodies and the broken will of army troops who struggle and who die in the forests or leave the fight after becoming paralyzed, because a mad hawk wants it so, is ranting and raving in Bogota and ordering personal details in the absence of results or any bit of victory.

A new type of guerrilla is rising from the gun smoke and sound of battle, who is accustomed to the hostile maneuvers and to the shock of the new technologies of counterinsurgent operations, guerrillas who are a real political power and a military fire in the service of the popular cause.

But running alongside the development of the Patriot Plan in different places of operations, the government was making thought and opinion as crime, pressing the conscience, sending more than 150 thousand citizens to prison accusing them of sympathizing with the guerrillas. For the sake of discouraging support for the political and social projects of the rebellion, the universal right of political option has been brought to an end in Colombia. It was not enough for them to physically eliminate the whole generation of revolutionaries who joined the Patriotic Union to change things though a legal alternative; now they want to monitor thought, make new Investigations of them, moving further to the right and going to fascism. Their  thought is to criminalize social protest because they think that behind any popular mobilization against the politics of the government, there is a guerrilla. It is an authoritarianism that wants to sweep away the autonomy and the independence of other branches of the public power to establish without constitutional rules the kingdom of tyranny, which only tolerates the opposition that does not propose a change of the status quo, or threatens oppression’s structures.

4- This right-wing, fascist government took the budget of the nation and used it for war and the result is a social disaster. Children die of hunger, growing poverty and marginalization, entire construction projects of popular housing are abandoned; most of the population are without water, light and sewerage services. Indifference of the government to the lack of schools, colleges and even teachers because it chose privatization of education, and the same case with health services. Cutting down transportation and paralyzing the development of regions. Profitable State companies sold to collect more resources for the war. Gradual privatization of strategic companies as ECOPETROL. Increase in  unemployment rates and underemployment at the impulse of a flexibal labour system that tramples on the rights of the workers and shoots up the profit of the businessmen. Hunger and high cost of living are what the politics of the State generate against the population. Perspectives of sharpening the social crisis with the approval of the TLC that commits an outrage against homeland, sovereignty and quality of life of Colombians.

The perfidy with which the State operates, must be answered by people`s mobilization,  streets marches and blockades of highways that paralyze the country to demand back the rights infringed by the state. In the popular struggle the force of the down trodden ais to look for the convergence of all the democratic sectors under one political and social flag with a view to shaping a new government that works for peace, social justice and rescue of the dignity and the sovereignty of Colombian people.

5- For the construction of this alternative we present for the consideration of the country, of her political and social organizations, of all people, the Bolivarian Platform for New Colombia to open the discussion and exchange concerning flags and program of a new government that we suggest patriotically, democratically, Bolivarian, towards a new social order compromising the political solution of this  serious conflict in which our country lives.

A new government that materializes the political and social project of liberation and shapes a new Bolivarian Army for the defense of the homeland and social justice. A new order built on democracy and the sovereignty of the people who add to the branches of public power  moral and electoral safe guards, that institutes the single-chamber congress and a right to vote on mandates and referendum. A new system of government that punishes corruption and impunity with severity , that ends neoliberal politics, that stimulates production in its diverse forms, that assumes control of strategic sectors, that shows respect to our sovereignty on natural resources and that implements effective politics of preservation of environment. A government that works for free  education at all levels, that arranges the social redemption, justice in agriculture, which renegotiates harmful contracts for the nation with the transnationals, which invalidates the past military agreements,  and treaties that stain the sovereignty of the homeland, which does not extradite nationals to foreign lands, that objects to the payment of the foreign debt to those corrupt fraud loans in anyway. A government whose currency in international politics is its Homeland and Socialism, and that prioritizes the tasks of the integration of people of Our America. That is why border politicies that FARC wishes for are those of brotherhood and  fraternity and not one of confrontation with the armies of the neighboring countries. Our struggle is a resistance against and liberation from the Colombian tyrannical system.

It is time to analyze and select the route that leads us to peace, independence, social justice, democracy, and unity as a way to survive and successfully face the politics of the empire.

6- Peace is a process, a common good that requires preparation  from everybody, so that it spreads and grows. It is not achieved overnight. It needs new economic, political and social structures that sustain it and it’s changes like what the Bolivarian Platform for the New Colombia suggests.

There be no peace of the tombs. All military plans of the oligarchies and the empire to exterminate the rebellion, beginning from the LASO (Latin American Security Operation) that it executed in Marquetalia, up to the Patriot, have failed because the armed rebellion is a social, economic and political cause and can not be defeated by bombs, bullets, or newly  created technologies.

From craziness or electoral demagogy, Uribe has announced that he is ready to realize a meeting area to sign a peace agreement in three months. A confrontation of 43 years does settle itself in such a short period of time. It is not possible to resolve the political, economic, social, cultural, environmental problems and sovereignty of the country in 3 months , unless one of us has defeated the other, and this is not the case. Uribe is not the man for peace in Colombia. He is not programmed by the yankees for that. A guy who does not even recognize the existence of the armed conflict, will not achieve the peace by any route. Only a new patriotic, democratic, sovereign government will be able to achieve the negotiated peace process, not a puppet government of the White House. There should be a government which understands the necessity of peace, which is supported by the people and has the national interest at heart enough to make the decision to  bring the troops back to their barracks, which can reduce the budget of the war drastically in favor of investing socially and can demand that troops and meddlesome American advisers in this internal conflict, a factor stirring on the war  leave the country in order to enter the peace talks.

7- Peace deserves all the efforts and sacrifices of our country and starts with the consensus of her fundamental forces, of her political and social organizations to create a new political alternative of power between them. This is  a sovereign, worthy, proud government in opposition to Washington which brings  joy and happiness to the people in the form of a Liberator.

It is necessary to start as soon as possible an exchange and a reunion of all the factors of  social transformation and peace, including the guerrillas, within this perspective. Those who serve the establishment proclaim the exclusion of the rebellion with fake arguments, do it to induce the creation of a weak alternative that is  easy prey for the permanent powerful exploiters.

We propose to start as soon as possible with the first secret contacts, without taking into account the government, to agree on a course and to outline collectively some programmatic lines for the redemption of Colombia.

We invite to this dialogue revolutionary leaders, democratic sectors of the parties, advanced people of the clergy, military patriots and bolivarians, leaders of workers and villagers, students, communities, indigenous leaders, blacks, educators, women … all the popular leaderships, to join together their will and wishes and to take the road together towards a New Colombia.

8- The target is the creation of an alternative for change that rises in a  National Agreement for peace, justice, sovereignty and decorum of the nation, which proposes a new government to save Colombia from the abyss, to recover the dignity stained by the fugitive government of fascists, drug traffickers and paramilitaries that is blessed by Washington, a new conduct and destination for the homeland that proscribes the repressive and spoiled Democratic Security of the empire and the neoliberal politics, which rescues the sovereignty of the people, that restructures the State and guarantees the common good and shapes a Bolivarian Army guided by love for people, social justice and defence of the homeland. Finally, a government that summons a Constituent National Assembly to give us a new Constitution that endorses changes in favor of the people, moves  towards peace and coexistence, real democracy, sovereignty and integration of people´s solidarity, all as orders coming from this grand Social Agreement.

We are not left with any other alternative but to find the road out of the dark night following  the glimmer of justice to the new dawn of Grand Colombia.


Towards a New Colombia,

National Agreement for Peace.


Secretariat of FARC General Staff

Colombian Mountains, September 2007


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