Gaddafi as tragic Third Position hero

Gaddafi as tragic Third Position hero


by Natella Speranskaya

Events in Libya were the main content of the past months. Arab spring ended with great bloodshed, the invasion of Western powers in a sovereign country, the explosion of the state, the civil war.

Today we know the denouement, though perhaps still inconclusive.

Whatever it was, there is no more Jamahiriya. And probably will never be.  Colonel Gaddafi is killed. The sea of blood destroyed the dam and flooded the whole country, overthrowing the last traces of order.

The Society, the state, the human life, the government, the economy, the security, as well as the logic, sense of reality, the  honor, the freedom, the truth – all of that has disappeared with great  speed. So fast, as the NATO bombers have rised in the sky to sow everywhere destruction, death and pain.

The Libya of today is a huge burning wound.


September 1, 1969 a group of Libyan army officers led by 28 year-old Colonel Muammar Gaddafi overthrew the British and French puppet King Idris I. The new regime proclaimed the Libyan Arab Republic.

Initially revolutionaries focused on the ideas of Arab socialism and pan-Arabism doctrine that was proclaimed by Egypt’s President Gamal Abdel Nasser. In December 1969 a temporary constitution, proclaimed the need for unity of the Arabs as the most important task of the state. Ideas of ​​the political unity of the Arabs were the basis of mass political party – the Arab Socialist Union. The main task of the party was to attract the bulk of the people to government and their involvement in large-scale reforms. Egypt and the Soviet Union had become priority foreign policy partners of Libya.

The revolutionary government began to conduct an internal policy based on principles of social justice. The U.S. the UK military presence was liquidated. All the oil companies were nationalized, and all agreements on military and economic cooperation with foreign corporations were terminated.

In May 1973, Gaddafi first publicly spoked with the ideas of the “third universal theory,” described later in the “Green Book”. Gaddafi rejected both capitalism and Soviet version of socialism. He announced that the basic principles of social justice contained in the Koran and must be renewed through the direct participation of workers in production management (in people’s committees) and by distributing among them all created product. March 2, 1977 at the extraordinary session of the General People’s Congress in Sabha the Libian Republic was transformed into the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (ie, “the state of the masses”).  The entire adult population of the country, united in the primary (main) people’s congresses participated in the governance of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiria. People’s congresses elected their executive bodies (national committees). Their members will automatically become delegates to the provincial People’s Congresses. People’s congresses of provinces elected their representatives in the country’s supreme governing body – the General People’s Congress. In 1978, the campaign was launched to transform public and private companies in the “people’s business.” Workers and employees become “partners, not employees.” In 1979, Qadhafi and his closest associates renounced all their posts to address the “strategic issues of building people’s power.” Gaddafi himself became known as “the leader of the Libyan revolution.”

Since 1987, reforms were implemented to liberalize the Libyan economy. The rights of the private sector were equalized with the public sector, governmental import-export company were abolished, a general amnesty was declared. The policy of a moderate liberalization of the economy, the revival of small and medium businesses was carried out under state control. By 2011, Libya was a most highly developed and wealthy state in the Africa, illiteracy has been eliminated, a developed and accessible system of health care was built. By the early 2000s, GDP per capita in Libyawas  14 192 $. Gasoline cost cheaper than water. 1 liter of gasoline – $ 0.14. State paid for each family member 1000 $ donations in year. Unemployment benefit was $ 730. Salary Nurse – $ 1000. For every newborn $ 7000 was paid. Newlyweds were bestowed by Jamahiria with $ 64,000 to buy an apartment.

The construction of the “Great Man-Made River,” a network of water pipelines supplying the arid areas and the northern part of Libya’s industrial with pure drinking water from underground reservoirs of the oases, solved the problem of drinking water. There was a built a powerful industrial base and a modern transport system.

However, the practical implementation of ideas of”third world theory ” was met  with antagonism by the pro-capitalist-minded domestic opposition and agents of Western influence. In June 1975 an unsuccessful assassination attempt was carried out on members of the government during the military parade. In August 1975, an attempt of a military coup led by the member of IBS O. Moheyshi has failed. In April 1986, the U.S. accused Libya of supporting terrorism. On the night of April 15, by order of U.S. President Ronald Reagan, American planes bombed the Libyan capital of Tripoli and Benghazi. 40 Libyans died, including Qaddafi’s adopted daughter. Over 200 people were injured. In 1988 over Scotland, American Airlines flight PanAm was blown up. The U.S. and Britain accused Libya of involvement in the terrorist attack. In 1992 at the insistence of these countries, the UN Security Council imposed sanctions against Libya.

In the late seventies – early eighties, the Soviet Union supplied Libya with modern weapons – tanks, aircrafts, air defense systems. USSR built in Tajura Nuclear Research Center with a research nuclear reactor capacity of 10 MW and the fusion sistem of the T-4M (tokamak). Libya’s Nuclear Program successfully developed until 2003. In 2003, in exchange for the lifting of sanctions against his country’s Muammar Gaddafi agreed to decommissioning its nuclear program.

All that is now in the past. The hero of Green Revolution, brave colonel Muammar Gaddafi. The efforts to create the direct democracy basing on the principles of Green Book. The third political ideology for the for the Third World. Neither capitalist East nor West communist. Special Way of the Libyan people. The legacy of Nasser.

The collapse of the Soviet Union – the domain of the victorious second of political theory, communism, at first didn’t not hurt colonel Geddhafi much. Libya relied on their own inner resources.

But at the beginning of two thousandth Geddhafi decided to change some rules of the game. He started to go West. In the eyes United States and Western Europe the “number one supporter of international terrorism” (although the Lockerbie affair was rather the provocation) has transformed into “civilized politician”. It seemed that everybody has forgiven the Third Way as one more eccentricity of strange Arab chief…

Two European countries with which Gaddafi came into closest economic and political relations in the beginning of the third millennium, were Italy and France.


The dramatic shift in the history of Libya arrived in the spring of 2011 – during the so called “Arab spring”.

These events have all the hallmarks of deliberate large-scale provocation. Some people call that “the socket puppet revolution” or an example of leading the network warfare.

It is obvious that serious problems were brewing in the Arab world from long ago. All of the processes there have their own deep reasons. The corruption of the power elites, the nepotism, the economical stagnationa, the lack of sicial justice and so on.

But there was also a certain amount of deliberate manipulation of public opinion, using a variety of networking, programming, social processes, so called  controlled chaos strategy.

There are no doubts that Arab spring was the realization of thought out plan of actions. The implementation of the  American Great Middle East Project has started. So we have the real effort to give the Arabs the deep democracy. Deep democracy.. You could hardly imagine something deeper.

So the process of geopolitics of chaos has been started. The Arab world has shuddered and began  to move. In Libya, it has acquired the most severe and violent forms. The bloody conflict between the group of population and the different tribes erupted, culminating in the invasion of NATO troops.

Let’s reconstruct the main stages of the fight, which led to the tragic ending.

Let us reconstruct the chain of the events, identify  the main actors, analyze the circumstances and the discourses.

February 15 protests started in Benghazi. February 17 the day of wrath in Libya took place in several major cities. Clashes between police and demonstrators. Police used tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons. February 18 – clashes in Benghazi. Reported that killed at least 27 people. Part of the police over to the side of the demonstrators. February 23 – Sarkozy calls for sanctions against Libya. February 24. The militants, who spoke against the power of Qaddafi, taked control of the city of Benghazi.  February 26. The UN Security Council imposed sanctions on Muammar Gaddafi and his family and went to the International Criminal Court because of the suppression of protests. February 28. EU governments are taking a package of sanctions against Qadhafi and his closest associates, including an arms embargo and ban on entry into the EU. March 5. The National Council, formed in Benghazi opponents Gaddafi declared himself the sole legitimate representative of the government of Libya.


March 10. France recognizes the National Council of Libya’s legitimate representative of the Libyans. Libya the next day broke off relations with France. March 16. Gaddafi loyal forces approached Benghazi.

March 18. 2011 the UN Security Council adopted Resolution No. 1973/2011 for the proclamation of the ban flights over the territory of Libya and to protect its citizens. Pros: permanent council members U.S., Britain and France. Temporary members: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Gabon, Lebanon, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa. Abstaining: permanent council members Russia, China, temporary members: Germany, Brazil and India. Against: 0. Russia and China did not use the veto.

March 19. At the initiative of France, UK, USA and their allies an emergency summit in Paris is going. The summit decided to make attacks on the troops of Gaddafi, as well as the objects of air defense and weapons storage facilities in Libya. First air strikes of coalition against Gaddafi ‘s troops and air defense system are delivered. March 28. Qatar becomes first Arab country to recognize the rebels as legitimate representatives of the Libyan people.

March 29. 40 countries and organizations decide to establish a contact group to coordinate the situation in Libya after the overthrow of Gaddafi. March 30. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Libya Moussa Kuss runs out of the country and appears in the UK. April 10. South African President Jacob Zuma said that Gaddafi accepted a roadmap for the end of the conflict. The next day the rebels reject the plan to resolve the situation. April 30. As a result of NATO air strikes in Tripoli, Gaddafi’s youngest son was killed and his three grandchildren. May 30. Gaddafi calls for a truce, but disagrees to give the power. June 1. The head of Libya’s Shokri Ghanem Petroleum Corporation appears in Rome, said that Gaddafi renounced because of the bloodshed.

June 27. The International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for al-Gaddafi, his son, Saif al-Islam and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi. They were charged with crimes against humanity.  July 15. U.S. recognizes the National Transitional Council of Libya as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people. On July 27. Britain recognizes the rebels. July 28. A former interior minister in the government of Gaddafi Abdel Fattah Younes, who joined the rebels on February 22 and became its military commander is killed. August 9. Gaddafi accuses NATO of killing 85 civilians near the town to the west of Ziltan Misraty. August 14. Libyan rebels occupied the city center near the Zawiya Tripoli. Then, they blocked the road to Tunisia, ин which the Libyan capital, was supplied with food and fuel.  August 16. The rebels claim that blocked all the way to Tripoli. On August 20. Siege of the capital by Libyan rebels is reinforced.

August 21. Rebels take Tripoli. Gaddafi makes two audiotape broadcast on state television, urging Libyans to destroy the rebel “rats” and declaring that he would be with his people until the end. Libyan rebels stormed Tripoli on 22 August. Government tanks have taken one of the last desperate attempts to resist the rebels.

By the end of September the Transitional National Council of Libya is recognized as the only legitimate authority in the country some 90 countries around the world.

In early October, under the control of Gaddafi were settlements of Beni Walid, Sirte, Gat. October 20, 2011 Muammar Gaddafi was killed in his home town of Sirte. October 25 – Saif al-Islam Gaddafi called for further struggle. The National Transitional Council of Libya asks NATO to extend its stay in Libya before the end of December, the UN Security Council and NATO denied this demand.

The Major role in whole story was played, of course, by the United States. Today, no one in the world has any doubt that we have to deal with the Empire, with the imperialism and the colonialism in the worst sense of the words.

The Americans themselves after 2000 have began to apply the term Empire to US. They are not shy any more.

Do we have to deal with American Empire.

The neocons are particularly frank and rather cynical. They don’t hesitate to proclaim openly the Project of a New American Century.

The humanitarian demagogy is over. We are living in the conditions of the new  hegemony.

They persuade us to accept it as a matter of fact. For decency’s sake they prefer to  call it “benevolent  hegemony” . Yeah wow really “benevolent” …

Every day, thousands of innocent people, mostly  civilians, children, women, old people are dying merciless killed by this benevolent hegemony. And it become every day more and more hard.

Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya,  today. Propably Syria will be tomorrow, next in line is Iran, then everywhere. Benevolent hegemony…

The global oligarchy has put its masks aside.

We are approaching the dramatic climax of the tragic events. The culminating point was reached with the death of the leader of the people’s Jamahiriya. So the death of the Last hero of the Third ideology in the Third World Muammar Gaddafi.

It is impossible to see the dramatic footage of its end shot by the murders without shudder.

So it was the end…

A priori everybody can appreciate Gaddafi differently. We could have the divergent opinions concerning the Jamahiriya – its faults and its successes. But to stay insensible to this vile and humiliating operation of NATO mongrels  and the snuff show of murdering the last revolutionary is simply vile and dishonest. It is somehow the same as being complicit in the ugly crime.

Today you can feel yourself safe being not implied directly in the mass murder carried out somewhere else far from you. But nobody can grant anymore that tomorrow NATO bombs won’t kill your child, your husband or your brother. Nothing would prevent that Your loved ones perish in another endless war led by  so called “benevolent”  world empire of the capitalist West.

It is obvious that we should recognize the existing balance of powers.  The right of the stronger was and is the main law in  international relations. It is the realistic truth. But the great power sowing everywhere the seeds of the evil, disseminating murders, humiliations, and what is most disgusting an intolerable lie, needs to be overthrown and stopped. It is world wide appeal to global insurrection against the present state of thing. Unipolar Western world order with the United States as its flagship should be destroyed.

The answer to all this can be only one word: revenge. So arise! Don’t be afraid! Together the people of the world will certainly win.

So Gaddafi is dead. NATO occupation forces and local proamerican rats have succeeded.

So what now?

Is there such naïve person to  believe that immediately in Libya we will have the peace, the happiness, the justice, the real popular rule that is  democracy?

No one in the world. No doubts that thing are going to be much worse.

Ahead of us the endless streams of blood – some Libyans are going to learn to swim in the blood, others will drown in it.

The rise and fall of the green country.

The heroic saga of the revolution and the tragic fate of the effort to build the third ideology, direct democracy and the socialist state in the Third World.

Be at is may Gaddafi is inscribed in history as a hero.

His murderers are  erased from human memory as traitors, mercenaries and collaborationists.

Although the golden calf, that established on the whole  planet his criminal bloody dictatorship, is still knocking its hoof, his days are counted. It is going to die soon. With our help.

Gaddafi continued to fight up to the last moment. He was killed not by enemies, not by NATO air strikes on a sovereign country, not by the a handful of corrupt bastards from National Transitional Council.

Gaddafi was killed by lie, by cowardice and by the passivity of the people hypnotized by the black  magic of World oligarchic media, of the networks of global disinformation.

It’s time to break the chains of global illusion and domination. We live in a matrix, where evil is called pious, and the hero – scum, where the thief is held in high esteem, and a genius is thrown in the scrapyard.

This is the wrong world, a world in which Gaddafi dies, and his enemies rejoice.

The correct world is one where he thing would be quiet opposite. But the triumph of  evil cannot last for much time.

The end of the world capitalist system is inevitable and now closer than ever.

Our common goal is to make it even closer. By any accessible means.

Now just the seconds become essential.

So we are going to proceed with Your struggle, Colonel Gaddafi.

The scourge of Capitalism Must Be Defeated!

And it certainly will, if we all continue the struggle together to the very end.

Remember there is only one solution – Revolution!

And remember:

Apres deluge nous!


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