On the wrong side…always

We will be once again, eternally naughty as we are, in the evil list that good and virtuous are writing on their patriotic blackboard. We should have learnt from the good what to say or do, but it is stronger than us. It’s been gong on for decades, more or less from primary school, but the lesson is never enough.

The upholstery of the palaces of power changes together with the waiters of the restaurant “Let’s all feed at people’s expenses” but we never change. We are always here, in the same place, as the liberalism that pervades throughout the whole plasma. With a substantial difference, though: at least he changes dress and dearest friends, we do not: we wear always the same “filthy garments” and have the same enemies. A bomb explodes at Equitalia in Ardeatino, wounding director Marco Cuccagna, and what do we do? Once again, we don’t learn from the good guys, we do not follow their example, and instead of saying that we must unite, perhaps like in a small train (which is also very chic), against terrorism and indiscriminate violence, we begin to ask ourselves some unpleasant questions out loud, like for example: forcing many elderly to pick through dumpsters for food, must this not be considered as violence? Distraining upon a house for a couple of coins, is it not violence?

Stealing pensions and work to thousands of men and women, is that violence or not? Starving people is a violent behaviour or an act of mercy?

Too much insolence and questions out of place in a moment, as professors say in warning the government, in which we must be sober and austere, avoiding tantrums and distinctions that may seriously affect the health of the country.

We are, therefore, dead wrong if we say that this system is violence, the financial system is violence and that a bomb is just a form of noisier violence.

And we are even more wrong if we think that the doors which are slammed constantly in people’s faces and the sneer of those who look without even blinking, at the treasure hunt by many mothers (i.e. the research of less expensive products) in supermarkets, while they are waiting for their wife to return from shopping downtown in a blue car, can open the floodgates to a flow of hot anger.

We cannot say that the furry violence in the palaces begets more violence, because it’s wrong.

Woe betide the return to the logic of political violence and of opposite extremisms, say the virtuous. They probably turn up their nose, but we see only one kind of extremism: that of those, who in a starved country, continue to defend their privileges, hypocritically asking for sacrifices from those who have nothing more to sacrifice.

from Rinascita newspaper.

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