The New Resistance Manifesto


–>A Better World is Possible

Too often we in the working classes internalize the zero-sum, dog-eat-dog ‘logic’ of capitalism. We assume that in order to survive we must wage a Hobbesian “war of all against all” for land, food, material goods, monetary advantage, social position, and raw resources. Workers of all nations are cynically pitted against each other by the ruling classes, forced to wage military and economic warfare that is contrary to our own class interests.

Through the controlled media, the ruling elite even colonizes our thoughts, compelling many of us to parrot neoliberal nostrums about so-called ‘free markets’ and ‘free trade’, about ‘global democracy’ and the ‘global war on terrorism’. Fears of economic scarcity and bogus internal and external threats are used to herd us towards a mentality that life’s struggle involves stepping on the other guy rather than cooperation and mutual aid. While the Earth does have limited resources, healthy societies- which place the spiritual, cultural and political realms over the purely economic- take a sustainable longer-term and even solid-state (“no growth“) perspective over the cancerous and ecologically suicidal ideology of hyper-capitalism (“creative destruction”). NEW RESISTANCE stands for such healthy societies.

–>The Lost/Found Nations of America

North America is a immense continent that could potentially contain hundreds, if not thousands, of small nations, enclaves, city-states, intentional communities, nomadic tribes and bio-regions. NEW RESISTANCE recognizes that demographic and geographical factors propel North Americans to historically prefer small, human-scale, decentralized systems rather than large, unitary, centralized ones. Neatly-defined vertical nation-states with contiguous borders are unnatural impositions on this primordial tribal land. NEW RESISTANCE favors instead heterarchy, defined as a “system of organization replete with overlap, multiplicity, mixed ascendancy, and/or divergent-but-coexistent patterns.” Heterarchy can be applied both in a political and an economic context.

We also advocate a loose, voluntary North American confederation of such political units for the effective enhancement of mutual aid (i.e. disaster relief), common defense, fair trade, and the management of larger-scale infrastructure and environmental concerns.

–>Our People: Who Are They?

Like the Black, American Indian and Chicano nationalists, NEW RESISTANCE is a movement geared towards National Liberation. Our people, as we define them, are the “white” American working classes, in which we include the urban proletariat, the rural poor, those unemployed or under-employed (“precarious labor”), as well as displaced members of the middle class. We use the term “white” reluctantly to denote the vast pool of Americans of European descent and those who adopt the cultural mores of “white America”.

NEW RESISTANCE does not advocate or condone pseudo-scientific notions of racial supremacy, biological racism, anti-Semitism, racial purity and eugenics. We do, however, recognize that identity- however defined- is an important, intangible human need akin to that of family and spirituality. We see identity in a nuanced cultural and spiritual sense rather than in a crudely reductionist biological sense.

–>Class vs. Race

Whereas NEW RESISTANCE defines itself as a National Liberation movement, we do not extend any tribal loyalty to white capitalists or their lackeys. In any conflict between the system and non-white/mixed-race workers, we will always side with the latter. Period. And in a post-capitalist world we pledge cooperative and peaceful coexistence with all other Peoples and recognize their right to self-determination and economic justice.

–>Ethnic Enclaves

Malcolm X, after his rejection of anti-white racism following his pilgrimage to Mecca, made the following astute observation:

“There was a color pattern in the huge crowds. Once I happened to notice this, I closely observed it thereafter. Being from America made me intensely sensitive to matters of color. I saw that people who looked alike drew together and most of the time stayed together. This was entirely voluntary; there being no other reason for it. But Africans were with Africans. Pakistanis were with Pakistanis. And so on. I tucked it into my mind that when I returned home I would tell Americans this observation; that where true brotherhood existed among all colors, where no one felt segregated, where there was no “superiority” complex, no “inferiority” complex–then voluntarily, naturally, people of the same kind felt drawn by that which they had in common.”
[The Autobiography of Malcolm X, 1965]

This, in a nutshell, is how we see the often thorny issue of race and ethnicity; that people, given a choice, will naturally and almost unconsciously “self-segregate” according to their perceived ethnic and religious identification.

–>National Personal Autonomy

We realize, however, that voluntary self-segregation into ethnic enclaves is not always possible or desirable in certain areas of North America, especially for those of mixed-race background as well as those living in long-established cosmopolitan cities like New York. And NEW RESISTANCE rejects any attempt- by any party- at “ethnic cleansing”. In such highly mixed areas, NEW RESISTANCE advocates a form of non-territorial nationhood referred to as National Personal Autonomy.

The Russian-Jewish socialist Vladimir Medem succinctly defined NPA this way:

“Let us consider the case of a country composed of several national groups, e.g. Poles, Lithuanians and Jews. Each national group would create a separate movement. All citizens belonging to a given national group would join a special organisation that would hold cultural assemblies in each region and a general cultural assembly for the whole country. The assemblies would be given financial powers of their own: either each national group would be entitled to raise taxes on its members, or the state would allocate a proportion of its overall budget to each of them. Every citizen of the state would belong to one of the national groups, but the question of which national movement to join would be a matter of personal choice and no authority would have any control over his decision. The national movements would be subject to the general legislation of the state, but in their own areas of responsibility they would be autonomous and none of them would have the right to interfere in the affairs of the others”.
[Social democracy and the national question, 1904]

–>Anti-Zionism vs. “anti-Semitism”

NEW RESISTANCE stands resolutely in the anti-Zionist camp. We believe that Israel is nothing more than an imperialist, landlocked “aircraft carrier” permanently moored to the Middle East, spreading destruction and subversion throughout the region. Furthermore, Zionist lobbyists and other fellow travellers- whether they be Jewish, Christian or secular- have had a distorting effect on American political and media life. For these reasons, NEW RESISTANCE allies itself with all other genuine anti-Zionist movements throughout the world.

Anti-Zionism, however, doesn’t necessarily translate into “anti-Semitism”, a misnomer normally taken to refer to anti-Judaism. NEW RESISTANCE recognizes the right of Jews- as either individuals or within communities- to live in peace and according to their own traditions. We especially admire those righteous Jews who have heroically taken upon themselves to join the anti-Zionist struggle. Individual Jews who primarily identify with our cause and culture are earnestly welcomed to participate in NEW RESISTANCE activities. As for Jews currently residing in the bandit state of Israel, we urge them to come to a fair and separate peace with their Arab neighbours and totally dismantle all Zionist tools of repression (IDF, Mossad, etc…)

–>Mass Immigration vs. the Organic Movement of Peoples

NEW RESISTANCE totally concurs with Alain de Benoist when he stated, “Those who remain silent about capitalism should not complain about immigration.” The global neoliberal capitalist regime is responsible for displacing millions of Third World peasants from their lands, stealing their natural resources, and herding them into nightmarish megacities or northward into the so-called “developed world”. This is done in order to supply the capitalist elites with vast pools of cheap labour to bring wages and benefits down even further (the “race to the bottom”), new consumers to replace already debt-saturated First World consumers, and fresh cannon fodder for the imperial legions. NEW RESISTANCE does not blame migrants for this sad state of affairs, viewing them rather as individual victims. Mass immigration itself as a symptom of the larger dysfunction of capitalism and that the destruction of capitalism will ultimately solve the immigration problem..

That said, we realize there has always been throughout history the organic movement of peoples, and the resulting gradual interaction- and even meshing- of cultures do not necessarily threaten the environmental and demographic balance of pre-existing nations/communities. NEW RESISTANCE therefore recognizes that in a North American context, borders and cultures are not wholly static but can be fluid and dynamic. Our continental vision is one akin to pre-modern Europe, except with neo-Celtic and other tribes picking over the remains of the old capitalist order, perhaps even camping on the overgrown lawn of a decaying and abandoned White House.

->Seizing the Heights: NR Economic & Social Policies

We believe that the capitalist system we have today needs to be replaced by something that truly fosters a civilized, sustainable & just society, where economics is subordinated to the social good. NEW RESISTANCE, therefore, supports the following policies:

1) the abolition of wage slavery and landlordism;
2) the distribution of land (either a certain acreage or as apartment square feet) to all citizens and making it non-transferable, thus avoiding accumulation into the hands of a privileged few;
3) some sort of guaranteed annual income & humane social safety net;
4) free universal health care (medicine and related fields should be a calling, NOT a business);
5) economic enterprises larger or more complex than a small family business or farm should be self-managed by workers, via workers’ councils.
6) the collective control of the “commanding heights of the economy” (large-scale infrastructure or strategic enterprises like mining), co-managed by the workers and representatives of the People;
7) the widespread implementation of low-impact green energy (solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, small-scale hydroelectric) distributed through a decentralized grid with built-in redundancies to avoid massive system failures such as blackouts;
8) a heavy emphasis on energy conservation through smarter architecture; encourage the development of other low-impact technologies, everything from heavy-lift airships to 3D printers.
9) curtailing rampant consumerism and “car culture” with a saner ethic of loaning, i.e. bike- and car-sharing programs;
10) a reduced work week and extended workers‘ sabbaticals; redefine the concept of “work” itself to include cultural, intellectual & benevolent activities.

–>NR Abroad: Our Foreign & Trade Policies

Simply put, NEW RESISTANCE believes that America must exit the world stage- at least as a global imperialist power. We adhere closely to the proud and honourable tradition of isolationism held by American radicals, left and right. Indeed we should not “go abroad in search of monsters to destroy” but rather stay at home and tend to the work of National Improvement (i.e. low-impact infrastructure, green energy) and towards the general well-being of our People. To paraphrase Russell Kirk, no more wars for an oil can!

As for trade policies, NEW RESISTANCE rejects the neoliberal ‘free market’ ideology of global capitalism and calls for the disbandment of all multinational corporations, the heartless exploiters of both First and Third World workers and destroyers of the global environment. In its place, we promote the establishment of a self-reliant, autarkic economy whereby international trade is limited only to those exchanges that are fair and mutually beneficial and do not distort, or otherwise threaten, the traditional social market of any nation or community.

–>The Common Defense: War & Policing

NEW RESISTANCE favours the widespread establishment of local and regional popular militias for defense, with a small standing component for more technical/specialized capabilities (naval, air and special forces) on the federal level; the standing force could serve as the nucleus for mobilizing and directing the people’s militia in case there is any possible serious threat at the continental level.

As for issues of law and order, the bulk of cases should be left at the community level where offenders will have to face the people they have violated. The massive police/prison/court racket of our current age will be disbanded in favour of restorative justice and other intra-family and community-based solutions. More serious instances of organized crime and counterrevolutionary activity will be the purview of the people’s militia.

–>Resacralization of the Modern World

To combat the pull of crass materialism, NEW RESISTANCE encourages the return of spirituality and the sense of sacredness to the public square. While we do not favour any particular religion or ethical system over another, and strongly oppose any attempt at theocratic government, we believe that both the individual and society as a whole would be greatly enriched by the beauty of the numinous in everyday life.

–>Popular Rule and the New Aristocracy

In the political realm, NEW RESISTANCE favours Direct Democracy on the local level and a consensus-based “Concurrent Majority” system at higher levels. While people should have a direct say on any issue that directly effects them and their community, larger federated political units require certain checks and balances to protect political minorities from the tyranny of the majority. Such tools may include everything from nullification to the right to secede. The Swiss confederation and early America (THESE United States as opposed to THE United States) offer possible models.

NEW RESISTANCE aims to be a popular movement but that does not mean it embraces demagogic and base populism or the abandonment of aristocratic virtues but, in fact, leans more towards Gramscian ideas of the ‘national-popular’ and organic intellectuals/elites. If anything we believe that the working classes, under the right conditions, can be bearers of an aristocratic civilization. By resacralizing the modern world, lifting the burdens of debased consumerism and the frivolous media from the minds of the workers, and recognizing that “leisure is the basis of culture”, we will unleash the creative energy of the People and usher in a new cultural renaissance.

–>Outsiders, the Loyal Opposition

Obviously NEW RESISTANCE does not advocate a monolithic, standardized system for all of North America, as affirmed by our support for various ethnic and NPA enclaves. Even further, we also recognize the right of creative minorities (bohemians, eccentrics, outcasts of every sort), nomadic peoples and political and religious dissenters to live as they so choose. We believe in a tolerant post-capitalist world where, say, libertarians or polygamists or whomever would have the political, social and geographical space to follow their bliss. Their degree of involvement with NR communities and other NR institutions would be entirely up to them but we extend, now and then, our cordial and peaceful regards.

–>Many Nations, One Struggle: A Summary

New Resistance is a loose network of American and Canadian national revolutionaries, fourth political theorists, third positionists, national bolsheviks,   left-nationalists, anarchists of all stripes, right-wing anti-capitalists and non-dogmatic left-wing radicals who advocate a wide-ranging and multi-levelled resistance to neo-liberal economic policies, Anglo-US imperialism and Zionist influence in the media and government. We are a nascent radical movement, a revolutionary nuclei. We look to Europe as the fount of our particular culture while respecting at the same time other nations, cultures and civilizations.

We reject crude hatreds based on race and religion- from anti-Semitism to Islamophobia- as well as outdated notions of racial purity. Identity should be based on positive affirmations of culture and heritage, not paranoiac obsessions with bloodlines, cranial measurements or hair and eye color. We believe that the spiritual, cultural and political realms- in that order- must take precedence over the more base economic sphere of life. We work to live, not live to work!

Finally, NEW RESISTANCE supports the establishment of a highly-decentralized North American federation where ethnic & religious identities of all kinds can organize themselves in a healthy way and provide mutual aid to each other. Territories that contain several different ethnic groups would be encouraged to follow the principle of National Personal Autonomy (non-territorial nationhood).

This Manifesto was brought to you by-

The Popular Front for the Liberation of America

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