Serge Ayoub: We Are The People!

3eme Voie Leader Serge Ayoub’s  Lille Speach…

Banks, traders, our governments, and the European union have failed!
The financial system that rules us has used, wasted, plundered, and ruined our country enough!
They make profits and we have to pay. That’s the end of that! Banks are bankrupt, and we should bail them out? Fine. Let’s pay the debts, but let them be ours then! We must nationalize the banks, and France must go back to the French.
But that’s not it. We need to take over. We need to take the power back from their hands.
We who pay everything,
We who do everything,
We who are everything and have no rights at all, Let us take over, together, all-together: all the workers, all the Frenchmen, let’s take control of our future. Let’s take it back from the claws of the international finance vampires. Let us form, together, a united front against globalism that cannot be anything else but a popular and national front!
Popular: for we are the people!
National: because when facing this overwhelming crisis of the whole global system, our only option is the Nation.
It is the same answer that Roger Salengro had in his time, and of course we are the true heirs of Roger Salengro.
We are nothing like those members of the alleged Socialist Party, who have betrayed socialism, betrayed the Popular Front, betrayed the workers, betrayed France and the French people! Those “socialists” who, what a joke, almost got represented by the IMF Chief Strauss Kahn!
Like Roger Salengro, we are socialists of national preference, for the Nation is the only true weapon against the vampires of international finance and their greed!
So we, Third Way (3eme Voie), Opstaan, Nation, Autonomous Nationalists, Front Comtois have united in a Popular Solidarist Front.
Popular, again, for we are the people!
Solidarist, for we abide by the principles of solidarism!
And a Front, because we will make a frontal assault, all-together, against globalism and those enemies of the people, and fight to the end, to victory and to revolution.
We want a revolution, a legal one, by a general strike;
And that day, everywhere in France, committees of Public Safety will be instituted;
And that day, everywhere in France, exploiters and their minions will be prosecuted and judged in history’s great court! They will be judged for their crime against humanity, because humiliating, despising, and exploiting all the peoples of Earth the way they do, that is a true crime against humanity;
And that day, soon, I can assure you, the justice of the people will be relentless, as always;
And on that day, for the enemies of the people, four walls will be three too many!

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