Dragos Kalajic: A Hyperborean Biography

Dragos Kalajić (1943-2005) studied art graduating from the Roman Accademia delle Belle Arti 1965th with the highest marks (30 cum laude). He lived and worked in Belgrade and Rome. He was a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia, the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, and the Association of Writers of Russia. He proved himself in many fields, from literary and visual arts to the history of art and publishing.

He wrote many books. Here are some of them:
American Evil I & II” published in 1991
In 1994 “Russia Is Rising” when everybody was laughing at the thought…
also “Betrayal of Europa” that same year.
2001- “The last Europeans (Or Through Enslaved Europa)
2004- ”European Ideology
2005-  the novel “Serbian Children of Empire

That same year, 2005, he was murdered.

Some of his earlier works:
1972 – ” The Stronghold
1974 – ”The End of the World
1981 –  a novel ”The Maker

He also made a TV series called “The Mirror of 20th Century” where he spoke and interviewed some of the most popular contemporary artists in the world – showing what modern art really is.

In 1997 & 1998 he had another TV series named “Mon Blanc” in which he tried to explain to a greater number of people the Idea of “New Europe” – totally different from the idea of the EU.

Dragos was one of the most significant artists, visionaries and Traditionalists of our European culture in the last quarter of the 20th century.

He was a friend of  great names, like Evola, Pound, Dugin, De Chirico, Crispolti, Jacopetti, Glazunov, Mikhalkov and many others…

There’s no coincidence that Baron Julius Evola once said, looking Dragos in the eyes: “You will renew the Roman Idea”.

Translated by Ivan Petrovic for Open Revolt.

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