The Historic Future: The Fourth Political Theory (a review)

dugin-fptby Alexander Llyod Curran

The fourth political theory from the great Alexander Dugin is a collaboration masterpiece also regarding the intellectual leader of la nouvelle droite, Alain de Benoist, whom Dugin reestablished his close relation and enriched intellectual rewards from such a bond. These two thinkers seem to have met for a prolonged period in Moscow to discuss the concept, and in connection with this, Dugin also published a Russian translation of a collection of essays by de Benoist, the title of which, in English, results in being Against Liberalism: Towards the Fourth Political Theory.

The Fourth Political Theory is an analytical triumph towards examining the problems we face today, a philosophical inspiration for spiritual warriors, and unrivaled creativity at the highest height, like Evola reborn and a reminder.

Dugin wades through the fog regarding modern political theory setting concrete foundations for a political philosophy that will ultimately challenge the global liberal paradigm stemming from western spheres.
The book reminds me of our dream and the reality we seek to accomplish for our people: One could say it is like our own choice for a symbol. The dragonfly. It is a result of change yet it is an old idea reborn. This is where Dugin reaches for the historic future and asks us to join him in fighting for a way of life free from oppressive liberal puppeteers. Primarily coming from the corrupt forces, not just in the West, but also some parts of the East.

Dugin examines the historical renderings, methods, systems and meanings regarding political theories.

1) Liberalism: This so called oldest and seemingly stable ideology.

2) Marxism: Opponent of liberalism via capitalism (artificial construct).

3) Fascism or National Socialism: Opponent of liberalism and Marxism.

Dugin dissects each of the three ideologies via organic attention. In the process he detoxifies those ideological opposition regarding liberalism.

The so called victory of liberalism has defeated and corrupted various western spheres, in fact, in the West it has ceased to be political, or ideological, but a false and decadent visage of modernity gone wrong.

Westerners seem to be slaves regarding liberalism, peace has sent these nations into a coma and robbed them of their uniqueness. The academic progressives are the problem. The educational systems in pace in these so called countries are poisoning the youth today and robotizing the majority.

Dugin states that liberalism and its historical subject is apparently the individual. The logic attached to liberalism was this strange aspect called “liberation” which the individual sacrifices the old ways towards an uncertain artificial future ( Dugin asks us: Where is faith, tradition, authority? Why is freedom from authority worshipped in many western spheres? Why do they want everyone to live this way of life? Dugin shows us the lies in place from the certain examples regarding oppressors we see in power today.

When you eradicate this transcendent, you end up with a world that is entirely rational…material…cold… disconnected.

Spanning several chapters, Dugin grants us this typology regarding these different factions placed in the mist of the modern political struggle.

Fundamental conservatism (traditionalism), Left-wing conservatism (Strasserism, National Bolshevism, Niekisch), conservative revolution (Spengler, Jünger, Schmitt, Niekisch), New Left, National Communism, etc. It is essential that readers understand these so they themselves can wake up to the reality of the current situation.

Dugin reminds us as well that victorious liberalism is embodied by blindingly arrogant Americanism; The mental States of Amerika as some of us call it, through those origins as an Enlightenment game, and through its superpower status in the twentieth and twenty-first century, is the global pilot regarding this artificial liberal practice. After the defeat of Marxism, it has created, and sought to perpetuate, a unipolar world defined by American interests, or Atlanticist, a corrupt global liberal hegemony with their own self interest at the heart. This heart needs to be torn out because it is the worst kind of blindness and cancer in our World today: In essence slavery and brainwashing thus polluting the youth and upcoming generations. Dugin reminds us of our ongoing struggle our groups share in this regard.

Russia has been a long anti-Western, anti-liberal tradition, and for Dugin and for us this global liberal hegemony is the eternal enemy.

Dugin reminds us we want a multipolar entity, with Atlanticism counterbalanced by Eurasianism, and other “isms.” In geopolitics, the need for a fourth political theory arises from the ashes with a thirst to keep liberalism permanently challenged, confined to its native hemisphere, and permanently non-existent in homeland Russia!

Dugin’s project may be considered too radical, certainly for the majority, even at this late stage in the game—contemplating it would seem first to necessitate for us rare few who understand the significance.

Truly revolutionary thinking, the re-imagining and reinvention of ourselves, ultimately comes from the periphery rather than the enslaved center.

The Fourth Political Theory reminds us: We are spiritual warriors. We rare few are all Dugin, in a sense, and he is alive in our hearts, minds… souls. Always. This is a step towards the historic future.


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