Geydar Dzhemal: The Future Class Struggle as the Destiny of the World Protest

class struggle

After the fall of the USSR the lower classes of humanity all over the world were left without any hope. The Pole of opposition to the world system existing during three generations had been disolved almost at once. Its unimportant how effectivelly it played its role. The main thing was it existed at all.

The forces of the political non-conformism had as a common platform the discourse of protest, based upon Marxism. The people who didn’t accept the status quo were brought together by the marxist thought. This thought had been subjected to the long process of degeneration which ended in rejection of the dictatorship of proletariat. This last stage was instrumental in the general collapse of the marxist idea.

The problem is the downtrodden majority needs the point of assembly more than ever. The ruling 1% appropriated almost 90% of the world wealth. We are living now in the interim period between the idea that has-been and the one that is coming. But in order to grasp the coming idea we should keep in mind the principle of the “class” struggle In the new modified conditions. It is obvious for us that the proletariat doesn’t serve any messianic purpose in the future neither served it in the past. it was rather a good pretext to thwart the burgeois matrix throught the denial of cultural and poilitical values of the traditional system. But the class itself couldn’t fulfill the function of a true ruler. Instead there was the party of revolutionary pros accepting the responsibility. These pros themselves were necessarily “declassés,” meaning they were pariahs inside the caste structure. This fact laid down the fundamental contradiction between those who ruled and those from whose name there was the ruling. No way it could stay so for a long time!

What I mean now by the “class struggle” in its actual usage? There are only two main groups in the Society who dispute the power and the final meaning of History: priests and warriors. The first ones represent the traditional summit of the human pyramid throught all ages. It would be naive to relegate their role to the past! The priests had distanced themselves from the actual involvement in secular affairs. They had washed their hands, so to say. Paradoxically this manoeuvre only strenghtened the clout they wield in the Society. They are still “the holders of the keys.” It’s throught the ecclesiastical body the humanity distinguishes between Good and Evil. The priests constitute the superego of the humankind.

Throught all history warriors were trying to free themselves from the spiritual control of the clerics in order to reverse the social roles. Such attempts were mostly abortive because warriors were acting inside the priestly matrix, being defined in their strategy by the values of priests. The monotheist revelation of the abrahamic prophets had exactly the supertask to free the caste of warriors from the spiritual yoke. Here is the answer: the metaphysical grounds of the radical monotheism should be taken as a platform to build the new political vision. The practical goal is to restore from the scattering of the solitary heroes the political (and metaphysical) caste of passional men as the vanguard of the downtrodden in their quest for justice.

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