Alain de Benoist: The Disavowal of the French Communist Party Disgusts Me!

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The PCF (French Communist Party) has just abandoned it’s traditional symbols, the hammer and sickle. It is true that there are less and less peasants and farmers in France. Nonetheless, what do you think of this clear disavowal ?

I think it should inspire what all disavowal inspires : disgust. Of course I do not ignore the multiple dark episodes of the PCF’s history. Nonetheless, this party has been for decades a huge hope for millions of workers. But the PCF has gradually abandoned everything : the revolution, the general strike, the dictatorship of the proletariat. Today it is a social-democrat party, more interested in “fighting exclusion” in the name of human rights (of which Karl Marx made a devastating critique) rather than defending the people against the clutches of the Capital. The hammer and sickle were a clear symbol of the people. I would just like to tell you that the people have not disappeared (the workers and employees are still the majority of the french population) and that class war is as harsh as ever. But just a take a look at today’s communist leaders : Marie-George Buffet does not evoke Louise Michel or Rosa Luxembourg. She looks like all the others, like a postmenopausal housemaid. Pierre Laurent looks like any office worker (and that is what he is). The Amiens Charter (1906) proposed to abolish “the wage-system and big business”. That goal has also been abandoned. When will the hammer and sickle, tools of the proletariat, be replaced by a sex toy and a TV remote-control ?

The PC is disavowing itself in order to be “more of it’s time”, thus proving that it has no will or desire to change it. The priests did the same thing when they cast away their garb. As for homosexuals, I’m surprised that those who oppose same-sex marriage don’t see that this desire to get married is a proof of gentrification. There used to be a subversive aspect to homosexuality, and all the homosexuals I have known were very proud to not be “like everyone else”. It seems that today all they yearn for is kissing in public, shopping together and changing diapers ! My friend Guy Hocquenghem would have suffocated with rage. Everywhere one looks, everything is being normalised ! That’s another result of the “Single Thought”¹.

Still about the USSR, a sentence of yours has been following you for years : “I prefer wearing a red army cap than to eat hamburgers in Brooklyn…” Was this just a joke or something more profound ?

It follows me but I have never written or pronounced it. Here is the exact sentence, written 30 years ago : “Some do not resign themselves to wearing a Red Army cap, some day. For it is a horrendous perspective. On the other hand, we cannot be resigned to a life of eating hamburgers somewhere around Brooklyn” (Orientations pour des années décisives, Labyrinthe, Paris 1982, p. 76). Of course, it is a slogan. What I meant was that I did not recognize myself either in the western bloc or in the eastern bloc, that they seemed two ways of alienating human freedom. This shows how little I believed in the fable of the “free world”, just a simple alibi for american imperialism. The downfall of the Soviet system had the positive effect of putting that imperialism out there in the light for everyone to see. After the hardcore totalitarianism of the Gulag, the flabby totalitarianism of political correctness and the occupation of the symbolic imaginary by consumer values ; I’m not sure the second is any better.

The media sold us the Cold War, bloc against bloc, and are now trying to sell us the same thing over again : the “Christian west” against the “Muslim east”.

The word “the West” has no meaning whatsoever nowadays. Too bad for the groupies of the “clash of civilisations”, but the West is no more than the East a homogeneous and united bloc. To believe that Islam is everywhere the same, in Saudi Arabia or in Indonesia for example, you really must not have traveled a lot. I have nothing to say to so-called “Islamologues” who quote the hadîth like August Rohling used to quote the Talmud, in the heydays of the Revue Internationale of Mgr Jouin. Even more amusing are those who say that jihadists and Muslims are one and the same, when at the same time the first are butchering and killing the second. Are for those who wish to ban the Qu’ran, I wish them good luck. I will believe they are sincere the day they will also ask to ban the Bible (for the numerous calls to murder God makes) and the Epistle of saint Paul (who proclaims the subjection of women and obliges them to be veiled – see 1 Cor. 11, 5-10). To make the confusion between the problems of immigration, Islam, Islamism and jihadism is really the mark of a lazy mind.

Under the appearance of things, there are only two fundamental fractures today. The one opposing Sunnis and Shiites in the muslim world. The one between Europe and the USA, two blocs with opposing values and different interests, as all geopoliticians have underlined, from Mackinder to Spykman. Carl Schmitt said that the history of the world is only the history of the struggle between the powers of the Land and the powers of the Sea. Today, this corresponds with the potential confrontation between the American oceanic power and the great continental bloc associating Europe and Russia. We will see the effects of this in the coming years. As for now, it can be said that “hot peace” has replaced the “cold war”.

Alain de Benoist, mar 3, 2013

Notes :

  1. : A French term coined by Alain de Benoist for something akin to political correctness.

translated by VENATOR for Open Revolt.

Thank you to our comrades at VoxNR.

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