Polish Comrades Report to Open Revolt from Syria

syria-polandIn recent days, as Polish revolutionary nationalists, editors of Xportal.pl and activists of Organization Falanga, we went to Syria, where they weigh the fate of the war between the national government forces and the “rebels” supported by the West and Israel. While the government takes the offensive, the opposition camp has been completely dominated by the most fanatical element of foreign Islamic mercenaries fighting for money given by Saudis, who are in close relations with Washington. Details on the nature and course of our mission will be published on a regular basis.

June 9, Beirut, Lebanon.

On June 9 “Mission to Syria” has reached Beirut. Representatives of the Polish Organization Falanga met with the leader of the Syrian youth nationwide branches of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Wissam Samia. In one of the strongly guarded headquarters of the Party, Xportal.pl journalists interviewed the activists (the full text of the interview coming soon), discussing issues such as the national-social ideology of Great Syria, Party militia involvment in the Syrian conflict, the alliance with Hezbollah, the resistance to the Zionism and the Jewish state. Salutes with a cry of “Syria!” bid farewell to the delegation. Falanga soon goes to the Damascus.

June 10-11, Damascus, Syria.

During the night of 10 to 11 June, our delegation arrived in Damascus. The way from Beirut to the Syrian capital can be described as “the longest one hundred kilometers in life.” Transport route linking the two cities several times during the conflict has been the target of attacks by armed bands of the opposition, but the risk is included in this trip. As is delightfull view of Syria fighting: red, white, black and green national Syrian flag are present throughout the capital, clearly visible even at night. Despite the limited connectivity, first materials arrive from Syria. Additional photos and excerpts from the accounts Falangists are going to send in the morning, but instead, shortly before 11 AM Polish time, information comes: “A terrorist attack in the center of Damascus! We are going to place.” Editors of Xportal.pl that are remaining in Poland communicate information via social media in the form of live coverage.

Bartosz Bekier, Leader of the Falanga, Xportal.pl Chief Editor: “We met today with the Prime Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic Wa’il al-Halki and Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mokdad. During one of the meetings there was a double suicide bombing in the center of Damascus – Falanga delegation immediately went to the scene. There was a real massacre, another unforgivable crime of Salafi terrorists. There is a fiery exchange of fire in Damascus right now. For now, we can not send all materials due to interference, but even tonight, a transfer may be improved.”

In the place of terrorist attack, at least 14 people were killed and 31 were injured. The target was a large police station at Marjeh, a crowded square in the city center. Two charges were detonated by suicide bombers shortly after each other, the second at a time when people hurried to help victims of the first explosion. Among the victims are mostly civilians, nearby vicinity of the explosions is filled with shops and residential buildings. Delegation quickly sends a description of three words: “body remains everywhere”.

This brutal act of terrorism is yet another blow to the proud Syrian nation funded by money from American, Zionist and Saudi patrons. Polish nationalists are standing with an independent Syria, approaching the final victory.

Below are videos of today’s terrorist attack on the square in downtown Damascus, Marjeh Square, filmed and edited by our delegation. These are the results support the “Syrian opposition” by the West. NOTE: Contains a drastic footage.

On 11 June „Mission to Syria” participated in a meeting with Syrian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Faisal Mokdad. Speking to the delegates, Mokdad repeatedly pointed out that one of the goals behind acts of terrorism perpetrated by the rebels and foreign mercenaries is getting rid of Christian communities from Syria. As Mokdad said, Christians since ages are an integral part of his fatherland. Before the war nobody even thought otherwise, because Syria is the holy land of three great monotheistic religions. The deputy minister pointed out, that the terrorists are supported not only by the United States of America, Qatar or Saudi Arabia, but also from the zionist entity which provides direct and indirect support for the rebels since the beginning of the turmoil.

During the meeting we were informed about a bombing in the center of Damascus. Straight from the ministry, “Mission to Syria” reached the attacked place. A large police station was targeted by two suicide bombings. The first explosion came right after a shooting in the building, while the second – before the station, near the crowded Marjeh Square. Both detonations sent fragments of torn bodies all over the place, nail used in the bombs shattered nearby walls and shop windows. The police station and cars that were parked near it were destroyed. 14 people were killed, and over 30 wounded. The authorities suspect that the bombing was organized by the fundamentalist Al-Nusra Front. Delegates of Falanga and Xportal documented the massacre with pictures and a video (warning, graphic content).

On the same day, “Mission to Syria” met with the Prime Minister of Syrian Arab Republic Wail Al-Halki. The prime minister stressed that Syria had always been a symbol of brotherhood between religions. As he said, the opposition movement was not peaceful from the start, and dozens of police officers were martyred during “peaceful” demonstrations of the opposition. The prime minister told the delegates that currently the rebel forces consist mostly of foreign combatants from over 29 countries, who have connection to international terrorist groups. According to Al-Halki, at least 800 rebel fighters hail from the countries of European Union, and tens of thousands are fundamentalists from North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Among the terrorists are also foreigners from Caucasus. The prime minister also spoke about the victorious battle for Al-Qusayr where during the last few days many enemy units were encircled and destroyed. Al-Halki informed about the imminent plans regarding the offensive of loyalist forces and thanked the delegates for their commitment to the cause of Syria.

On the 12th of June „Mission to Syria” met with representatives of Syrian Ministry of Information and NGOs, and continued to monitor the development of events in Damascus. Day after the suicide attack on police station most of which casualties were civilians, the rebels have attacked again in Damascus. Fighting erupted in Darayya neighbourhood and in the northern parts of the capital. The government forces replied with counterattack using artillery fire and strikes from the air. Since noon a cloud of dust and smoke covers the sky. The fights also take place in central parts of the city, which was documented by is in the footage shown below.

Later, the delegation reached one of the military hospitals to visit soldiers wounded in action. Medical aid in Syria hindered by embargo on importing medical supplies to the country imposed by most of NATO and EU states. The information regarding high morale of Syrian troops proved to be true. None of the soldiers complained about their injuries, instead all of them declared a firm desire for returning to the battlefield. Syrian heroes among whom were Sunnis, Alawis and Christians emphasized that all of them fight for the unity of their beloved fatherland against the jihadists who aim towards religious and ethnic cleansings. Among the wounded we met veterans of the battle for Al-Qusayr, soldiers attacked while serving on checkpoints and civilians injured in terrorist attacks. In particular, our delegation was impressed with a 21 years old young man, soldier of Syrian Arab Army who suffered severe bullet-wounds during fights in Al-Qusayr. He comes from a village with 100% Sunni population, and desires to give his life for the sake of unity of Syrian nation and return to battlefront as soon as possible. Glory to heroes of our times!

Later, members of Falanga made their way to an army base near the front lines of war in order to meet the villains of Syrian drama. Among continuous gunfire, we were introduced to freshly captured mercenaries and terrorist from Turkmenistan, Jordan and France, including would-be suicide bombers who were made to answer questions posed by members of our expedition. They often declared their hatred towards Christians, Shias and Alawis, but more often they defended themselves by saying about “obeying the orders” of their superiors. Their leaders couldn’t give answers when asked why they didn’t go to America or Israel, but Syria, where most of their victims are Muslims. In coming days they can expect a hard life, but it seems they won’t be suffering too long.

The smoke over Damascus mixed with the darkness of the night. There, in the distance, echo the sounds of fight between heroes and villains, waging the Syrian war for everything.

More to come.



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