NPD Vice Chairman Condemns NATO Warmongery in Ukraine


German NPD Vice Chairman Condemns NATO Warmongery in Ukraine

On March 4, 2014, Karl Richter, Vice Chairman of the German National Democrats, has given an official press release concerning the actual situation in Ukraine. He calls for a stop of NATO warmongery and western interference in Ukraine:

“The Western warnings of a further escalation of the situation are pure hypocrisy, considering the over 20 years of subversive activities in Ukraine and a financial support worth billions for pro-Western and anti-Russian forces.”

Richter names the situation a further crisis provoked by the West, following the Syrian pattern, according to him, the NPD proved as only credible peace party in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Richter also stresses the lack of national sovereignty of the German state, which again gets obvious by the role of the FRG government as vassal of Washington. He ends his release with the words:

“We call for the withdrawal of all Western armed forces from the German soil and the immediate stop of any kind of Western intermeddling in Eastern Europe!”

Sadly, Richter had been heavily criticized within the party for that statement he released in spite of knowing that there was no unified position in the NPD leadership. Several NPD politicians had close contact to Svoboda and Pravy Sektor and support them or at least do not want to publicly criticize these groups they consider Neutralist Third Positionist between East and West, despite all evidence of international Zionist backing.

The spreading of an internal party “Leitbrief” (guidelines letter) by Karl Richter on the same topic was even boycotted by parts of the party. The paper, which the author of these lines was lucky to read, has a similar tone, giving more detailed information on the background and mentioning some evidence of Western backing for the Ukrainian nationalists”. Richter clearly names the breaking up of Russia as long-term goal of US global strategy. He decisively warns German nationalists of joining hands with forces that serve such American goal, even if they have many similar political aims and may be historically connected to Germany through once having been comrades-in-arms.

Finally Richter summarizes: “Who shuns the programmatic solidarity with Russia should at least act politically and hold back counter-productive solidarity declarations to the Ukrainian address.”

The discussion in the NPD is alive and tense, and it is not clear which opinion will prevail. At least we can say that with Karl Richter there is a clear-minded man in the party leadership who does not refrain from expressing and defending his view.


Written by Rudolf S., March 6, 2014


Connect with Karl Richter on Facebook here.




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