EURASIAN SERBIA: Interview with Vjekoslav Cerovina of Serbian Nashi


We’re happy to present to our readers an interview with the Serbian national movement Nashi. Nashi is an organization with a program of Eurasian integration and are known in Serbia to have a reputation of being “followers of Putin” for both their name Nashi (Ours) and their pro-Russian attitudes. James Porrazzo of Open Revolt had a chance to ask a few questions to their director of international cooperation and editor-in-chief of “+Eurasia+Serbia+” online magazine, Vjekoslav Cerovina.

Please give us an introduction to Serbian Nashi…

It’s one of the most influential patriotic organizations in Serbia.  Our program is based on the Eurasian integration of Serbia, we are against the NATO/ EU block and we stick to a philosophy that is based on Orthodox Christianity and our Serbian heritage. We are known as the first non-Russian organisation in the world to officially declare we are part of the political program of Eurasian integrations. This year, its the first time we are running in parliamentary elections in Serbia as part of the patriotic coalition that is founded by Serbian Radical Party.

Which organizations are in this patriotic coalition, besides Serbian Radical Party and Nashi?

Serbian Radical Party, Nashi and Obraz. Obraz is one of the leading patriotic movement in Serbia and the leader of Obraz is Mladen Obradovic. Obradovic is marked by the Fourth Reich regime as “extremist”, because he was against “gay pride” in Belgrade. He was in jail because of it. We are proud to have excellent cooperation with this truly patriotic organization. We are honoured that we are invited directly by Dr. Vojislav Sheshel to create this coalition. We are honoured to fight together with Dr. Vojislav Sheshel, the biggest political prisoner in the world and the greatist anti-NATO politician today. Most of the people expected that a bigger coalition would be created, but that didn’t happened. There are two more parties we were potentially counting on, the Democratic Party of Serbia, in Serbia known as DSS and the movement Dveri. These two organizations obviously think that the goal of these elections is to compete against each other. For example, Dveri were loud in public about the idea of having patriotic parties and organizations united, but when the patriotic coalition block of Serbian Radical Party is made with Nashi and Obraz, they have said in the media that nobody from Serbian Radical Party had invited them and a few days later one of their leaders had said that the proposal of the radicals was not good. I hope that they will find out and agree till now what is the truth about this. DSS is not open for taking any kind of risks, they have even took participation in the government of Belgrade with the party for which they claim that is unconstitutional and illegal. Funny! Dveri tried to make a deal also with some smaller patriotic organizations and movements, but with no success. These smaller organizations, as one of the leaders of Dveri said it in the media, they didn’t want to be on the list of candidates which is titled as Dveri. Everybody has their own calculation and the only patriotic political action we have seen is the action of Serbian Radical Party, Nashi and Obraz. We didn’t even sign any kind of pre-elections document. We have an agreement with no signed documents and that’s it. The word is enough, the goal is clear, everything is clear.

Can you give us more detail about your program of Eurasian integration?

As I have said, Nashi is the first organization outside of Russia that has officially declared and promoted the political program based on the idea of Eurasian Union. Its the program called “The Political Program of Euraisan Integrations of Serbia”. We did it one year before Putin promoted the idea of Eurasian Union as the strategic project of Russia and their partners in October 2011. Through his article in Izvestia. It’s the result of our cooperation with Professor Alexander Dugin and Dr. Igor N. Panarin. Our program is based on the basic elements of neo-Eurasianism of Alexander Dugin and on the Panarin’s model of Eurasian integration that includes Belgrade, the capitol of Serbia, as the fourth center of the future Eurasian Union. Sometimes we say that Prof. Dugin and Mr. Panarin are the “double-headed eagle” of the Eurasian integration of Serbia.

How do you see the position of Serbia in the Eurasian Block?

Serbia is the longest Slavic Orthodox hand of Russia in Europe and it’s this fact that gave us a very important role in global political games through history. There is no smaller nation carrying bigger roles and tasks to handle in their history, than Serbia. As Dr. Vojislav Sheshel, the Serbian greatist living politician, says: “We are a micro Russia.”. We say sometimes that Serbia is the deepest spot of the Eurasian block in Europe. But, in reality it’s only an idea. Now we are in the era of euroatlantic occupation, but we believe that we are going to play a big role in creation of Eurasian Union in the future.

We see the Eurasian Union as the natural path of Serbia, it’s geo-strategically correct – because we are a Slavic Orthodox nation and it’s natural that we are united with the Russian Federation in the first place. Also, a very important thing is our specific geopolitical position towards EU and NATO members that is creating our need for a strong balance in relationship with them. The only way to have this balance in an effective way is to become part of the Eurasian block, to have Serbia as a member of the Eurasian Union. In Serbia, for the last 14 years, the European Union is promoted by western puppets as an answer to all our problems and the people are manipulated. The citizens of Serbia are very easy to manipulate with the story of EU membership, because we are living in a post-war period.

Since the year 2000 most of the citizens of Serbia have voted for pro-European parties. Do you expect this year to also have the same situation?

The puppets of the West are having a big success in a very easy way. They are saying to the people that if we stop our pro-Western euro-atlantic politics, the economy will be destroyed and we are going to have a conflict with the Western countries, etc. They say that everything we have seen in the war will be back in our lives. It’s everything that a citizen of Serbia doesn’t want to happen. It’s the postwar trauma.

It’s the manipulation of citizens through the strategy of using those post-war fears. From 1990 to 1999 we were in war and combat, so post-war trauma is still very alive. In the time of the ex-Yugoslavia wars, we were alone. In the period during our wars, Russia was destroyed and we didn’t have any kind of support from any other country. But, today the situation is perfectly different. We are not alone. We have Russia and China as our strategic partners. A big Russia and the Russian are our brothers in the first place! NATO is not strong as it was. But, we have a problem. We are in a postwar trauma period and our state is in the hand of the most pathetic euro-dollar gay ideologists just as it is seen in every other state that is under control of the White House. I hope that a larger number of Serbs have not died, that a larger number of Serbs are not stupid and that this year we will have a greater number of patriotic voters.

The influence of the White House is very strong in Serbia. Can you give us a more clear picture of that, please?

NATO is supporting financially every pro-European political party in Serbia, because they know if one real Serbian politician comes to power in Serbia, NATO members will have to give answers about their genocide acts in our country and their EU concept in Serbia will be crashed. Even the CIA and FBI have confirmed that they were financialy backing up the Otpor in a goal to destroy Slobodan Milosevic. US structures have installed puppet regime through their favorite Serbian politician at the time, Zoran Djindjic, leader of Democratic Party and naive political clown of Madelein Allbright who was killed later by the Serbian mafia. Since 2000 until today the White House has continued to be the sponsor of the Democratic party and all the election campaigns of the Democratic Party in the last 14 years were financed and sponsored by USAID and the NED foundation structures. We have it documented. The Democratic Party was a political service of the White House all these years and people who voted them need to think about this fact. It’s not just the case with the Democratic Party. Every pro-European party is directly sponsored by NATO, in one or another way.

The western puppets are promoting that the EU will bring new investors, money and economic development, but the result of these EU integrations is that Serbia is getting deeper and deeper in economic problems. These puppets have even proclaimed that patriotism is in the creation of new jobs and the creating of new businesses. They are so far from patriotism, so they need to imagine new patriotism, a neo-patriotism. Its funny and its very shameful even to say it, because creation of new jobs and new businesses is the creation of new jobs and new businesses. Patriotism is a much bigger thing. Its the best picture of how low these puppets are. At the end, on the strong path of EU creating new businesses shouldn’t be a problem, am I right? That’s the question that is killing them. They are classic betrayers. They will be judged.

They betrayed everything, every political principle. They are even making governments and coalitions openly based on the needs of interests of their parties. Its got nothing to do with the idea of politics. These parties are not even constitutional, because their acts are illegal. The last example is a document called the “Bruxelles agreement” that the government of Serbia has signed with the European Union. In this document, Serbia is having the obligation not to stop an “independent Kosovo” from becoming a member of EU. In order not to go to jail, the members of the government of Serbia that is led by Vucic and Dacic have illegaly blocked the Constitutional Court of Serbia to deal with this problem. Can you imagine these political criminals and the size of that political corruption?! Alexander Vucic, Ivica Dacic, Tomislav Nikolic and Boris Tadic are the greatest political criminals and the most corrupted politicians. They have made big political crimes in the past and they are going to be in jail for sure as soon as a legal government comes to power in Serbia. It’s very simple – it’s Serbia or them.

Is there any positive changes in Serbian society, are there any sings that the people will refuse these euro-atlantic illusions?

The very interesting thing in Serbia is that our modern political “elite” are saying that Serbia is on the path of euro-atlantic integrations because of the money and economy, but on the other hand every EU member is heading to have a strong relationship with Russia and to have open doors to the great market of Russia. If you have a market, you have the economy and state. It’s very simple and it’s the main thing in economics. Market is everything. We are having unique privileges in the Russian market through special agreements with Russia like no other European state is having, but we are not using it. The EU puppets in Belgrade cannot use it, because the interest of NATO is to keep Serbia away from Russia.

Instead of development of our economy, instead of making our interests and goals true, we are dreaming about a corrupted and destroyed European Union and we are selling our interests and most valuable national goals for the empty illusion that is having only one function – the global domination of the USA. Our sick political pro-European quasi-elite wants to sell and exchange this great strategic opportunity of having special position on a Russian market and the market of the Eurasian Union for a corrupted neo-nazi gay alliance called the European Union. My personal conclusion is that God has made it in a very interesting path for Serbs. He has put the money on the path of patriotism. It’s from the Bible: “Ask for the heaven of God first and the rest of the things you need will be given to you.” The markets, the economy, the culture and freedom are in Eurasia, in our unity with Russia, in our patriotism. We need to get back to the Christian values and our own path, then we will be given a solutions for the strong economy, strong nation, strong state. When every Serb becomes a Serb again, everything will be okay and much better. We can be one of the strongest economies in Europe, but not as a member of the EU.

Vjekoslav, comrade, are you familiar with our work here at Open Revolt? Can you send a message to those in North American who support your struggle in Serbia?

Yes, I know about Open Revolt. I know about it from Prof. Alexander Dugin. I read it periodically. I think that Open Revolt is a very good channel for connecting organizations, people, views and opinions globally. Specially, to give us insight in a different America and to help Americans understand some parts of the world in a better way. It is how i see it. For those in North America, I must say that the name of our capitol is Belgrade and in our language it means White City. So, we and Americans, we are having a very similar task. We have to clean up the White City and people from North America must clean their White House. It’s an interesting fact that while we are cleaning the White City the White House becomes cleaner and while you are cleaning the White House our White City automatically is becoming cleaner. It’s magic! We must take away the trash where it belongs to keep our houses and cities white, clean and pretty. That shouldn’t be a problem. We must be united and devoted. We must create the state of love and trust. So, gloves on the hands! God bless you, God bless us all!

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