4 Reasons to Defend Crimea

Defend Crimea

by Open Revolt Editorial Staff

The serious question has been asked of Open Revolt and New Resistance why we are so concerned about the situation in Ukraine and Crimea when New Resistance and Open Revolt are based in North America.

Here are 4 Good Reasons to Defend Crimea from a North American perspective.  There are more, of course.

1. It’s a Common Fight. We are opposing the same Globalist enemies here in North America, that our comrades are opposing in Eurasia. If they are weakened there, they are weakened here. If they win successes in the Ukraine and Crimea they also grow stronger and more bold (if possible) here.

2. It’s an Ideological Danger. There’s a real threat of nationalist / national revolutionary groups in other nations (including our own) being misled by the Hollywood style hypnosis in the Ukraine to accept it’s okay to do the dirty work of the capitalists and zionists as a route to some small power. This is why we have always been outspoken against national-zionist groups who have sprung from the “white milieu” like the Identitarians and others. The situation in the Ukraine sees this golem finally unleashed in a more deadly form. It must be fought by any means necessary, which includes the info-war.

3. One Day We Will Also Need “Foreign Assistance”. We fully expect the Eurasian Union as envisioned by the Eurasian Movement to become a reality in a (relatively) short time. Whatever small things we can do to help this manifest is our responsibility. The Ukraine and Crimea are certainly a part of the Eurasian vision. We know that when our time comes here, our friends from overseas will also lend support to our cause. As stated frequently by Alexander Dugin, in public statements. This is a near necessity for a successful revolution (pointed out by Thiriart and others). Again, our enemies work globally and the resistance against them needs to be both local in spirit and global in strategy and vision.

4. It’s the Right Thing to Do.  There are times when the correct position to take is far from the most popular.  We are in one of those times and accept the responsibility of standing for freedom, justice and REAL revolution without hesitation.  This shouldn’t need to be explained further.

Open Revolt and New Resistance sincerely hope this makes our position on the Ukraine and Crimea more clear.


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