Leonid Savin: The Situation in and Around Ukraine in a Nutshell

By Leonid Savin
The main trend in US and European mass media describing events in Ukraine is the following: After the fall of the Yanukovich regime, riots started, which are supported, in particular, by the Russian Federation. US and EU (“Western”) mass media are purposefully silent about the role that “Western” funds and NGOs played at starting the current civil conflict and their role in the escalation of the conflict.

In general, we can see a number of factors which help to describe what is happening in Ukraine.

1. The current government in Kiev is simply incapable: Until now there is no offering of any plan for overcoming the crisis and no working on a strategy for the further development of the Ukrainian society and the Ukrainian state.

2. It is obvious that Ukrainian legislative power is paralyzed by a group of usurpers who use their power to achieve the adoption of newly “invented” laws.

However, there are also cases in which the “inventors” violate their own “laws”. For example, in February 2014, under the pressure of the “Maidan” a law was adopted which prohibits the use of Ukrainian police forces, the forces of the security service and the army against citizens. The law stipulated, in particular, that these forces cannot be used against citizens who are participating in demonstrations and protests.

It is worth noting that ”Maidan” is used to describe the center of the riots in Kiev. The direct translation into English is “square”. That said, the “government” in Kiev now uses police and army troops with artillery, armored vehicles and aircraft against the inhabitants of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kramatorsk and other cities of the South-East Ukraine.

3. The main slogan of the people who stood on the “Maidan” was “struggle against corruption and the domination of politics by the oligarchs. Now the “government” in Kiev appoints oligarchs as regional governors, that is, heads of the regional administrations. At the same time, corruption has becomes truly monstrous.

The expectations of the ordinary citizens who supported the “Maidan” have been deceived. As for business in Ukraine, it should be said that all businesses now have to pay additional “taxes” to the so called nation-oriented structures or state bodies, which are not able to solve any of the urgent problems.

Corruption blossoms now, not only in in-Ukraine “businesses”, but also in contracts with foreign partners. The reason is simple: any theft can now be put on the account of the escape of President Yanukovich from the country or on force majeure).

4. So far, there has not been an investigations of the murders in the center of Kiev in February 2014 by “unidentified snipers”.

The “third side” hires “unidentified snipers” which kill protesters and policemen, making negotiations between parties of civil conflict impossible.

This technique was used in Egypt, Syria, and even in Moscow 1993, where some of the “unidentified snipers” were shooting from roof of the US-embassy building.

Medical volunteers, who worked in the “Maidan” said that actually, some 800 people were killed in Kiev in February 2014. The majority of them were burnt(!) in the Ukrainian house. That is, in the ICC Kiev International Convention Center. The organizers of the “Maidan” try to hide this fact. At that time the Ukrainian house was held by the organization “Self-Defense”, headed by Andrey Paruby.

5. There is no freedom of speech. Whereas the “government” in Kiev and oligarchs, installed as regional governors, imposed strict censorship on mass media and denied journalists from Russia entry into Ukraine, there is clear evidence of disinformation the manipulation of public opinion.

The “West” is playing a special role: for example, old satellite images of Russian military equipment made during Russian army exercises in 2013 are presented now, as fresh intelligence information about the concentration of Russian troops at the South-East Ukrainian border.

6. The absence of law and order, which manifests itself, for example, in the streets of Ukrainian cities. Roaming crowds of armed neo-Nazis make obvious, that the creation of a new really legitimate government in Kiev is an extremely difficult problem.

Beating members of parliament and presidential candidates like Oleg Tsarev in Kiev, the suspension of the election campaign by former PM Yulia Tymoshenko, and many other “incidents” suggest that the presidential elections scheduled for May 2014 cannot be considered as anything but a farce.

Before the coup on February 21, the most adequate solution to the political crisis would have been the one based upon in the Polish, German, EU-brokered agreement. That is, the dissolving of the Parliament and the formation of an interim legislative body with proportional participation and guaranteed rights for all Ukrainian regions.

Such a scenario has since the coup become very complicated, if not impossible due to the rapid development of a number of internal conflicts. The conflict between the inhabitants of western and southeastern Ukraine; The conflict between those who consider themselves “Maidan” supporters, and those who consider themselves “Anti-Maidan”; Between radical Ukrainian nationalists whose leaders are, strangely enough, in close contact with Jewish oligarchs, and citizens who support the continuity of the country’s development within the framework of the Russian – Eurasian civilization.

8. Since the USA, and even the EU, deliberately incite the escalation of the conflict while levying accusations against Russia, the situation in Ukraine is now far from being resolved. What would be needed is a more active intervention from UN Security Council members such as China, as well as the countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and all countries considering the multi-polar world as the most adequate way for the future development of the human community on the Earth.

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