Alexander Dugin on the Donetsk People’s Republic

Donetsk Peoples Republic

by Alexander Dugin

The Donetsk authorities challenge oligarch Akhmetov and big cosmopolitain business in general. It is really great! Real revolution. Nationalization of the monopolies is accepted as law. It is an incredible turn.

Right Sector serves Jewish oligarch Kolomoyski, Russian Revolutionaries of Donetsk and Lugansk give the power to the real People, to workers, to the dispossessed majority and proclaim the State of Social Justice against corruption and oppression.

So where is real National Revolution? It is in the East and South of former Ukraine. The struggle is mortal. The stakes are highest. Not only in the national case, but thesocial as well.

Russia and justice, workers against xenophobia, atlanticism and liberal capitalism. That will affect Russia herself for sure.

Something very important is approaching us.


smashing casinosmashing casino 2The Republic of Donetsk being cleansed of  capitalist vampire casinos.



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