MH-17 Secret Inside Information Revealed

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Secrets Revealed?


A reliable inside source has passed this information on to us here at  Open Revolt.  Keep a close eye as this develops.  And DON’T believe the lies of the mainstream media, under any circumstance!  The report follows:


22 July during the meeting of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the EU the real version of the crash of the Malaysian aircraft was told. Europeans confirmed that Boeing was attacked by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft system during the military exercise of capturing an air target. A Ukrainian SU-25 was supposed to  target for air defense troops, but because of a mistake or technical failure (now it is in the process of specifying which) Boeing was detected as a target and a real launch was started instead of training simulation. In result civil aircraft was shot down. Now because of pressing from the US, the countries of EU want to change this report and to point that the Malaysian Boeing was attacked by militants from the self-defense troops.

More to follow.



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