Report on the Eurasianist Conference in Belgrade on October 2nd, 2014

Eurasianist Conference BelgradeReport on the Eurasianist Conference in Belgrade on October 2nd, 2014

A conference led by Leonid Savin was held last night in Belgrade, surrounding the release in Serbian of his book : “From Sheriff to Terrorists: Essays on US Geopolitics”

A New Resistance delegation was present and active in the welcomed discussion.

With the subject being on US Geopolitics and the role as ‘World Police’, New Resistance was the only US based group represented at the conference. Savin publicly endorsed many points of the New Resistance position on resistance struggles in the US, as well as restating to the audience large portions of a related NR authored piece published on (Fourth Position and the New American Revolution).

Also present were our colleagues representing the Center for Conservative Studies, the Center for Syncretic Studies, and the Center for Strategic Studies, the Institute of European Studies, the Serbian Radical Party, other organizations. Also in attendance were an assortment of professors and doctors in the fields of history, political science, international relations and geostrategy from the related faculties of the University of Belgrade.

Much of the discourse surrounded, naturally, the events in Ukraine. Here the known position in support of Novorossiya was dissected and discussed.

Also raised by several participants, such as Dragana Trifkovic of the Center for Strategic Studies, was the brewing new conflict in the Balkans relating to the NATO/EU efforts to dismantle the Serbian Republic housed in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Flores has also publicly discussed the likelyhood of a 4th Balkans war since 2010.

This subject revolved around the possibility of the Republic of Serbia supporting a referendum similar to Crimea, where the Serbian Republic would rejoin Republic of Serbia, in the event that the federal structure of B&H is dissolved by NATO/EU.

On a personal note to the delegation of New Resistance, Savin asked that his warm regards be sent to James Porrazzo and the rest of the NR team stateside.

Trifkovic of the Center for Strategic Studies and Flores of the Center for Syncretic Studies and New Resistance agreed to meet in the near future in order to discuss areas of future collaboration. A similar arrangement was made between Flores and Stevan Gajic of the Institute of European Studies.

The conference adjourned after two hours at 8pm.




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