A Short Interview with James Porrazzo About the Film “The Interview”

North Korea The Interview

Welcome to a quick talk between a popular Men’s Rights blogger (who prefers to stay anonymous) and New Resistance’s own James Porrazzo about the controversy surrounding the recent film “The Interview.”

Have you been following the news and media coverage about the film “The Interview”, and the reactions to it being shelved after what may have been a hacker attack on Sony?

JP:  Yes, of course. Seeing Hollywood stars scurry like rats leaving a sinking ship is much more entertaining than the film itself would have been.

What’s your thoughts on the film?

JP:  Well the idea of making a comedy about assassinating a head of state seems very strange. Imagine if a Russian filmmaker made a comedy about assassinating Obama or Cameron? Or a Arab filmmaker made a comedy about a plot to kill their sacred Netanyahu? How do you think CNN, BBC and Fox News would have reacted to the idea of that movie being released? But somehow it’s funny and free speech as long as the joke is directed at a country that clearly stands apart from the Western liberal ideal.

But I guess the North Koreans didn’t appreciate the humor in the plot line, did they? And when push came to shove they pushed back.

Isn’t it a free speech issue? That’s how the media is framing it, at least.

JP:  The North Koreans have no ability to censor Hollywood. Hollywood has the freedom to do any degenerate thing they choose, and they do. They have unlimited free speech to spread the liberal agenda. But what they don’t have is an unlimited amount of is courage. In fact, they have next to no courage at all.

If you attack a figure many people love you shouldn’t be surprised if they respond in a way that’s harsh. Kim Jong-un is loved in his country, it seems to the degree that an average person here in the West couldn’t understand. So if Hollywood wants to slander him, and make a comedy about a plot to kill him, they shouldn’t be surprised if there’s a response from the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) or Koreans abroad who love and revere him.

Hollywood still has the free speech to lie, to be deviants, to make shit movies, but what this proves is that they don’t have the backbone to do it in the face of opposition. Expect Hollywood to choose softer targets in the future.

Do you have any opinion about the DPRK?

Well as an outsider with a very limited ability to hear unbiased news about them it’s hard to have a definite opinion. Remember, just like you and most other people living outside of North Korea, anything I’ve ever heard about the country is from two sources.

The first is from the liberal media here who say it’s one of the ultimate evils, a fascist  police state where people are starving to death by the tens of thousands and Kim Jong-un is Hitler.

The other news stream is from the state run DPRK media that paints them as a socialist paradise, where everything is perfect, there’s no problems at all and Kim Jong-un is a divine figure.

Common sense says that both of these sources of information have a competing agenda, don’t they?  And taking either as truth is pretty naive.

So it’s hard to have an opinion based on solid facts and not emotions on the subject. Maybe someday one of our friends or comrades will get to see the country for themselves and give us a perspective we can trust.

What I can say firmly is the DPRK have bravely opposed Western imperialism in Asia, they have stood up against great odds to generations of threats from superior military powers. And that warrants great respect. But I can’t really comment on how life is in the DPRK, because I haven’t seen it or been able to study an independent and unbiased analysis of it. If one exists I’d love to read it and reflect on it.

What’s also certain, is that in the view of the ideal that we’re fighting for – the struggle for a multipolar world – the DPRK has the right to live the way they see fit, following their own vision and without the interference of the capitalists, the globalists and the rest of the usual filth. It’s for the Koreans themselves to decide how they live in the DPRK and who their leaders are, not for the West and not for a bunch of furry Jews like Seth Rogen from Hollywood.


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2 Responses to A Short Interview with James Porrazzo About the Film “The Interview”

  1. Rocky Racoon says:

    I thought assassination of a political leader was against the law as was advocating it? I mean it is murder after all. Doesn’t free speech have it’s limits-even political or artistic? I mean what if I made a museum show of NAZI paraphernalia without the usual caveats ( seems to be ok in the Ukraine) and celebrated it as an artistic show to art in the 1930’s or something…. would my free speech rights be protected or would I be arrested for promoting “hate speech” After Django it is hard to tell. I may have to re-watch that film I found it to be rather nauseating first time around.

  2. Rocky Racoon says:

    BTW I think it reveals more about the debasement of Western Culture and Society more than any retaliatory measure the DPRK could come up with. In fact I would say it represents the juvenile level of American Intelligence Agencies perfectly. This is what is served up as intelligence by the multi- billion dollar PRIVATIZED security apparatus built up after the 9/11 fiasco isn’t it?

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