Steve J. Drakos Releases Poems of Blood and Faith With Preface from New Resistance Founder James Porrazzo


In exciting news for fans of Eurocentric music, writing and art the long awaited book “Songs of Blood and Faith” has been released by Steve J. Drakos, former Skrewdriver bass player and current Front of Hell vocalist and musician. The book features a preface from New Resistance and No Lives Matter Founder James Porrazzo.

A remarkable and admirable heroic figure by any estimation, Steve has literally a lifetime of militant activism and art in his resume of the highest caliber.

poems-of“Poems of Blood and Faith” consists of 21 Poems composed by Steve J. Drakos for the albums “Blood To Blood” (AD 2008) and “Avanguardia” (AD 2013). Preface by: James Porrazzo, Andreas Nyqvist, Marco E. Malaguti and Susi Medusa Gottardi. Plus in-dept interviews for the Archivio Non Conforme and Rupe Tarpea projects and photos and history from early Nabat to Skrewdriver to Front Of Hell. Contents translated in three languages: English, Hellenic and Italian.

“Steve J. Drakos is the archetype of what you would look for in both a friend and a comrade,” commented Porrazzo about the new book. “Poems of Blood and Faith show what our music is capable of at its smartest and best, a continuation of our heroic European traditions in the lyrical style and content and, if you have the chance to listen to Front of Hell, which you should, a powerful spearhead driven into the future in the music and beat. I’m proud and honored to have been asked to contribute to this remarkable work and look forward to what the Drakos Clan has in store for the world in the future.”

Steve J. Drakos is the former Skrewdriver bassist on what is widely considered their defining album “Blood & Honour”. He now leads the industrial-techno axis Front Of Hell (behind the album “Avanguardia”) and rock band White Demons, who recently released “God Of Europe”.

According to the artist himself, he is an art and vanguard writer, of Hellenic and Italian blood descendant from families of doctors, engineers, professors and revolutionary patriots from Peloponnese, Attica, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto. An electronic musician, author of lyrics, film editor, father at 22 and grandfather at 44 with fair-haired and green & grey-eyed sons. Founder of the Drakos Clan. Constantly moving between the greater European capitals, after having founded and played in notorious rock bands of the ’80s including the Nabat of the beginning (1980-1983) and Skrewdriver (album “Blood & Honor” 1985), he created the industrial-techno DerDrakos (album “Blood to Blood” 2008) and Front Of Hell (album “Avanguardia” 2013) together with his son Alex Drakos. He is also one of the leading professional photographers of fetishist hardcore erotica at worldwide level, with his powerful shots published in over fifty countries, as well as the author of highly refined images of nature and the environment.

Order “Poems of Blood and Faith” at

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