Trump Pence Revolution?


By James Porrazzo

New Resistance

On the “Trump Pence Revolution”.

I’m a working class American who isn’t an idiot. So of course I view millionaires and billionaires with a great deal of suspicion. And so does New Resistance. Understanding the design of the System and understanding the mindset of the most wealthy in America this is the only rational position.

If you are on a long trip the direction you are pointing in when you get started is vitally important. What has Trump and Pence shown us so far at the start of their long trip at the helm of one of the world’s most powerful, if not most powerful countries?

First, the positive. Trump seems set to keep his word on removing most of Obama’s gun control laws, which is a great thing and we hope it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his actions concerning gun rights here in America. He also quickly moved to remove LGBT pages from government websites, which we support because there’s absolutely no need for them.

The best of all, unless Trump is being completely deceitful, his foreign policy is a million times better than what Clinton had in store for us all, which is a real blessing for our many comrades overseas. Unlike liberals who threatened to move to Canada, and not one left, some of us may have had to actually leave had Clinton took office and assumed her role as the System wet dream female Baron Harkonnen, considering our well known relationships with some of the most demonized figures living in these taboo countries.

Now for the bad. Trump is clearly putting all his weight behind running proven to be extremely dangerous oil pipelines across America. Marry this to his commitment to remove the government’s already halfhearted attempts at fighting global warming and it gives evidence he is in bed with the dirtiest of capitalists. And could care less about the environment, which is one of the few things in America worth saving.

The icing on the White House shit cake is his Vice President Mike Pence. This is a man devoted to the idea that we need many more people on this planet, rather than much less.

The dystopian thought of this planet swarming with an even greater plague of human pox and an even more abused environment is worse than any Hell Mike Pence could dream up in his most feverish, crucifix clutching until his knuckles bleed wet dream. Unless Trump keeps him in a padded room in the White House and completely ignores him, Pence’s positions are completely unacceptable in the worst of ways.

Early evidence based prediction: Trump is likely to do some good and a great deal of bad in his role as President. If you need a positive spin to help you sleep at night, that’s probably the best we could hope for considering the alternative.

The “Trump Pence Revolution” is hardly a revolution.

The System Remains the Enemy.

Real Revolution Remains the ONLY Solution.

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