Free Rafael Lusvarghi


Free Rafael Lusvarghi

I have just received the news my friend, brother and comrade Rafael Lusvarghi has received a 13 year sentence in a Ukrainian junta prison.  The thought of which is enough to make me sick.

My heart and the heart of all of New Resistance is with Rafael in his time of need.

At his trial he was asked to give information on New Resistance leaders who were being accused of facilitating his move to Novorossia, where his heroics deeds to defend the Novorussian people against violent oppression are legendary.  He was also asked to betray other Novorossian fighters.  Despite being brutally tortured, to include having his leg broken, he refused to name any names or to speak one word against his brothers and sisters.

Rafael Lusvarghi was called the “Viking of Donbass” for his courage in battle – and for the Rune covered axe he kept by his side.  He’s lived up to that name again and proven himself a true Kshatrya of the highest order.

If only we were all so brave.

Long Live Death!

–  James Porrazzo, Founder New Resistance

From Nova Resistência – Brasil

(any issues in translation are completely the fault of Open Revolt)

You all remember when the Brazilian government moved heaven and Earth to try to save a Brazilian convicted of drug trafficking in Indonesia. The same drug trafficking that as a kind of crime that has negative consequences that can affect countless people, that’s being practiced mainly by social parasites, but our government has undertaken a huge effort to try to interfere in this case.

Not only the government, but the entire television, print and online media combined their efforts in this endeavor. Several NGOs mobilised to try to force a “Solidarity” totally inappropriate and unnecessary for a nobody whose crime was to cause numbness, deaths of innocent people and social degradation.

Considering the precedent, why then the silence about Rafael Lusvarghi?

This is a figure of diametrically opposed to the Brazilian drug dealer. Lusvarghi, out of a sense of selflessness and a spirit of solidarity went to the east of Ukraine to protect the civilian population against massacres, expropriations and loss of basic existential rights, particularly those relating to their local Russian identity.

He took up arm out of the desire to fight the globalist forces who want to implement a New World order and who were behind the cheerleaders who came to power in Kiev after the Maidan.

There is no room for autistic speeches there. There is no room for wicked minded talk about whether or not he had a place in that conflict. The conflict may be local, but the causes, consequences and implications are global, just like they are in Syria.

Disappointed with a process of an unfair truce that kept the hands of the soldiers tied while the people were suffering under constant attacks of Ukrainian junta artillery, he decided to go back to his home and get on with his life. He went to look for a job and was drawn  to Ukraine for a fake offer.

Why return to that country? Because his rights were safeguarded by the peace agreements that hypothetically would give an end to the conflicts in Ukraine. But the Ukrainian government, weak and devoid of sovereignty, didn’t comply with the terms of the agreement.

So, Rafael Lusvarghi was arrested, tortured and threatened with death. Even with all this he didn’t double over. No information was given up about old companions. For not giving in, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison, almost the most he could receive.

He now awaits a possible exchange of prisoners.

Why does the Brazilian government keeps silent?

Because we live in an era, where there is a huge inversion of values in which all that is mediocre, vile, despicable and misshapen is in power and ignores or even mocks any and every instance of heroism and authentic, classic, traditional values and virtues.

In addition, because our government is weak and manned by people who, are physiologically, unable to confront other countries in the interests of its population.

And this is how things will remain, as long as we are ruled by elite parasitic and stateless people whose sole purpose is to deliver on a silver platter all of our riches and offer the blood of our people in sacrifice to the parasitic nomads of International Ursury.

Freedom!  Justice!  Revolution!

Nova Resistência – Brasil

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