Is Rodrigo Duterte a Monster?


by Kamil Abbas

The culture of hedonistic individualism will never comprehend the ethos of the open society enemies, and any leader with the fortitude to stand up against unipolar hegemony will inevitably be branded as a tyrannical “strongman”. Furthermore, it is not surprising that the pantheon of National Revolutionary heroes and martyrs are commonly regarded by the average American as “monsters”, or that the most advanced democratic political structures (Green Libya, the DPRK for example) are always labeled as totalitarian. Self-sacrifice and collectivism nurture one another to elevate the masses and alleviate their condition. Revolution and progress is more than material, its primary concern is consciousness and the spirit, the cultivation of the heroic and transcendent. The vast majority of today’s western leftists are ultra-academics completely unequipped to communicate or build with the oppressed masses they claim to represent, rough around the edges with a crass and jovial cant. These are the folks who naturally and intuitively yearn towards self-sacrifice and collectivism, who have an innate bond with the transcendent and predisposition to the heroic. These are the people who voted for Rodrigo “Roddy” Duterte, President of the Philippines, and rally around him.

Despite the fact its government for the past several decades has been groveling lackeys of the Americans and Atlanticism, the Filipino people have actually been at the forefront of anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism for centuries: from the righteous killing of Magellen at the Battle of Mactan in 1521 (by the Cebuano people from whom Roddy descends actually) to the current heroic efforts of the New Peoples Army (and hey this author might not agree with them on every single issue but they’re probably the best Marxist-Leninist guerillas group out there). The Philippine islands are home to a diverse group of interconnected cultures, dialects, and tribes very near and dear to my heart; Filipino working class folks live rough and brutal lives and don’t have time for bullshit. Duterte’s presidency signifies a remarkable resurgence of their native resilience that contrasts starkly with the Aquino family, with their covered up connections to the Japanese collaborationist regime, or Marcos with all his dinner parties with the Reagans. The Duterte presidency, along with Brexit and the Syrian conflict, indicate a global shift in the consciousness of the world’s masses, and it gives hopes to the people of other oppressed nations whose governments have been imperialist running dogs, a hope that genuine change and progress really is possible, and that Fukuyama’s End of History Thesis is the bullshit we all knew it was to begin with.

So, our beloved hero Roddy was born in March of ‘45 in the Southern Leyte region to a political family of primarily Cebuano descent ( he had a Chinese immigrant grandmother though). He had a Catholic education and was abused by priest in his youth (no surprise there right?), and has since been one of the only people brave enough to speak out against the incesant hypocrisy and corruption of the Catholic Church. In fact, since becoming President, Duterte has even called the current pope the son of a whore, telling him not to come back to the Philippines, and made statements about founding his own religion where men can have five wives. But anyway, Roddy obtained a law degree and became a prosecutor for Davao City, where he had largely grown up and where his father was Governor, Duterte has openly admitted that his family connections are one of the reasons behind his political success, but something tells me there’s a bit more to the story than that. I like to think it’s his candor and virility, but if he’s willing to admit to his use of family political connections then all the more power to him.

But the Truth is, I’m used to Shooting People”

Duterte comes from the classic vanguard of maverick geopoliticians who recognize reality for what it is. He’s a man of the people, by which I mean REAL folks, who ACTUALLY have to face the daily realities of the harsh capitalist system. In his days as the main man in his essential hometown of Davao he established himself as a charismatic, realpolitik kind of fellow with no regard for bourgeois complacency and a bitter distaste for bureaucracy. His decorated tenure as mayor saw the cities notorious crime rate drop significantly, with crackdowns on the drug trade, child prostitution, and sex tourism, and his massive push to increase infrastructure and literacy lead to several awards for the area. But Davao is a brutal place. Dubbed by locals as “The Punisher”, Duterte was known for, and has admitted, to cruising the streets on his bike “looking for trouble”, like the hero from on an underground 80s action-film, “Mayor Mad Max” or something to that effect. In regards to liberal media hysterics around the buzzword “death squad”, The Punisher has said frankly “ Me? They are saying I’m a part of a death squad? True, that’s true”. Without trying to sound nihilistic or melodramatic, history has clearly proven that killing as a political tactic for societal rejuvenation is mandatory if the human pox is to be contained. Political violence works like a vaccine or anti-venom to protect the innocent and allow life to flourish in a more healthy way long term.

Don’t Listen to Human Rights Groups, Because Human Rights is Always the Anti-thesis of Government”

In his hugely important work “Beyond Human Rights”, the great French philosopher Alain De Benoist articulates that “Human Rights”so to speak, are a bourgeois construct of modernity that conflicts with more organic and traditional collective identities and patterns of self-perception. And in praxis, that oft-thrown around term is essentially a euphemism for sovereignty rights on the world stage, one invariably employed to further the geopolitical agenda of the some of the worst monsters in history. Real monsters. It’s also important to note that the same frustrating rambling about “human rights” is usually vomited forth by either warhawk neocons whose policies literally destroy the lives of millions, or from cowardly soft heart pseudo-leftists who bend over backwards to justify and excuse the very system that produces such suffering on a mass scale. In humanity’s hour of turbulent grief, men of action are what’s needed. While the common communities of the Philippines are being ravaged, the “extra-judiciary process” has more immediate and tangible results. It’s something people can rally around. Duterte isn’t the Donald Trump of the Phillipines, even though they have often been likened to one another for superficial reasons. More than just a source of caustic quotes, Duterte is the radical case of a truly anti-establishment figure coming to the reigns of power with firm results.

“Forget the laws on human rights… you drug pushers, hold-up men and do-nothings, you better go out. Because I’d kill you.”

The most controversial aspect of his Presidency thus far has been the effort to rid the Philippines of narco-terrorism and purge the state of its heavily corrupt ties to the drug trade. Had he not bust onto the scene with such explosive heroics the Philippines would have surely become a narco-state if it hadn’t already (something which he has talked about in speeches and interviews). The scene here isn’t one of peaceful potheads unjustly persecuted by WASPy squares in some kind of 60’s anti-drug war hippy narrative, the scene here is one of hardcore junkies and meth addicts fueled by highly organized and extremely violent drug cartels with deeply entrenched ties to the state and police force. Anyone who has ever lived in a crime ridden neighborhood with rampant hard drug abuse and high levels of related gang violence can attest to this feeling, the feeling of not wanting your little sister or cousin to go to the store alone at night because of whacked out tweakers. This is nothing like the FARC or IRA taxing and regulating the inevitable flow of hard drugs to limit its ill effects on the community, these are groups with no redeeming factors or ideological stance, these are not people making due with the lot they have been dealt. These are full blown terrorists indulging in the scumbag hyper-capitalism of the drug trade who have their hands in child prostitution and sex slave rings. Just like with the Syrian crisis, the western imperialist media, along with their slavish readers and believers, lend sympathy to actual terrorists while railing against the few leaders who truly make a difference in the struggle against terrorism. The tunnel vision of foreign focus on this particular issue of the situation in the Philippines means all the numerous other merits of the Duterte administration go overlooked. Forget his decades of campaigning for women’s rights and literacy, just like with Iraq and Serbia, it all chalks up to “crimes against humanity”. The ones who peddle this grim logic are the same who bomb millions of Arab and African children on a daily basis. So it’s a crime against humanity to rid the world of utter filth in the selfless defense of innocent life?

“Crime against humanity? In the first place, I’d like to be frank with you: are they humans? What is your definition of a human being?”

Not a fan/ Not a puppet (consolation on a blue day)

Rodrigo Duterte is not a fan of the Americans.

Nor is he a puppet of their foreign policy.

My best friend and dearest comrade is a Muslim socialist of Cebuano descent.

His family lost their home and livelihood in a natural disaster.

He spent years wandering Asia, the pacific islands, and the American south as a vagabond.

We have been on trial together in the American system for political reasons and wept at funerals together for personal reasons.

“A Filipinos own worst enemy is another Filipino” he always told me.

Not long ago Obama wanted to having a meeting with Roddy, obviously to inflict his superior American will, in continuance of the long tradition of Filipino leaders being American puppets and lackeys.

“Who is he? I am no American puppet. I am a President of a sovereign country and we have long ceased to be a colony. I do not have any master except the Filipino people,” said Duterte to Obama.

Today has been a blue day. But when I read this… I think of my brother, and I anticipate his fond reaction.

I call him up in the evening, he says “today has been a blue day, but this offers me some console”.

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