New Resistance on Alex Jones, Alexander Dugin and Infowars


Alex Jones gets more than 50 million views at Infowars a week. Last night I watched his feature with Alexandr Dugin and I was expecting to be very critical of it. For once, I was pleasantly surprised. Alex Jones couldn’t have been more respectful and fair, treating Comrade Dugin with the respect he has earned and deserves. He also made a point of showing screenshots of and running the Katehon web address in text beneath Dugin’s name. Many of you probably know Katehon is a Traditionalist and anti-globalist project and some of the major people involved with the site are also part of New Resistance.

That’s a huge breakthrough moment.

Thanks to Alex Jones potentially tens of millions of American eyes are being opened to Alexander Dugin and to the Fourth Political Theory in an honest way. That’s totally jaw dropping.

Even at a minimum this serves to help shake a certain segment of Americans out of the trance that the mainstream media spellbinds their viewers into – that Russia is the ultimate evil and that freedom loving Americans are Russia’s natural enemy. Which is one of the most heinous of lies. This segment that Jones has influence on, is one the System could always count on for anti-Russian or anti-Eurasian fervor, so his work to dispel these lies is especially powerful and dangerous to the System.

Beyond this, I’m honestly not very familiar with Jones’s positions. I know Infowars has posted an article or two from our Open Revolt in the past and we’ve recently seen him making comments that clearly show he has read and agrees with at least some of The Fourth Political Theory book, which is one of our key inspirations.

We also share many of the same real life enemies.

Of course, none of this changes our own Revolutionary vision, which demands we remain extreme skeptics of the White House and committed enemies of the System in mind, body and spirit. These are places where Jones seems to have much more trust and faith than we do. Which is fine, we don’t need to agree on everything.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be respectful of each other’s efforts.

So let’s be clear. From this point forward, the official stance of New Resistance is that we support the work of Alex Jones and Infowars when it is aligned with ours and we ask our comrades to keep any criticisms they may have of their work, where we do differ, internal, and respectful.  To consider the good work they are doing for our cause.

This position will remain as long as Alex Jones and Infowars continues their fair, respectful and quite heroic treatment of The Fourth Political Theory.

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

– James Porrazzo, Founder New Resistance

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