Xportal.Pl Join Forces With The Other Russia to Demand Justice in Ukraine

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Revolutionary Leaders Bartoz Bekier and Eduard Limonov Interviewed on Joint Rally at Ukrainian Embassies

Reporting from Warsaw, Poland:

Two parallel rallies took place on 11th of November in Moscow and Warsaw at local embassies of Ukraine. On the Polish side, the demonstration was organized by the Falanga Organization and Xportal.pl in cooperation with other patriotic groups.

The main aim of the demonstration was to protest against the destruction of Polish heritage on Eastern Borderlands, with the removal of the symbolic lion monuments from the main gate of the Cemetery of Lwów Eaglets being one of the examples.

Ukrainian councilors from that city are planning the destruction of the monuments, while at the same time describing the Polish youth fighting for Polish independence in 1918 as “bandits”.

Members of the Russian opposition party “The Other Russia” under the leadership of Eduard Limonov joined the Falanga’s protest and organized a solidarity protest at the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow, which was crashed by OMON. Russian journals have talked about the alliance between the ‘Kalashnikov’ and ‘Limonka’ and suggest a global solution for Ukrainian problem, which is partition.

The leaders of both the Polish and Russian organizations Bartosz Bekier (of Falanga and Xportal.pl) and Eduard Limonov (of The Other Russia) answered questions concerning this topic and more.

Interview conducted by Xportal.pl and can be read in its original Polish here.


Bartosz Bekier of Falanga and Xportal.pl on the Rally.

What is your opinion on the first joint action held by your organizations? What do you think about the cooperation of Poland and Russia in the context of the partition of Ukraine?

Bartosz Bekier: I look at our first joint action as a beginning of something greater, a bigger project, the aim of which is the struggle against globalism, along with its fake states and neo-colonial wars. The partition of Ukraine should be viewed as one of the possible scenarios in the case of a complete breakdown of Ukrainian government structures, which can be described as a failed state, plagued with corruption, chauvinistic hate and an oligarchical mafia. Poland, Russia, Hungary and Romania should protect their national minorities and their cultural heritage against any action of the Kiev regime.

We have read in some Ukrainian articles which proposed a thesis that Falanga has been recruited by the Russian secret service. What do you think about these reports?

BB: It is a complete nonsense, partly because any person in Poland, who is stupid enough to do this ends up in prison. What is also important is that we are not Russophiles – we fight for our country and we want to restore its integrity and sovereignty in the international area. This means that we are against the idea that Poland’s has an existential need to have “Big Brothers” and resort to dependence on foreign powers. From our perspective, Poland should regain its historical position.

Eduard Liminov

Eduard Limonov, Founder of the National Bolshevik Party (after being outlawed by the Russian government a number of times now disbanded), leader of The Other Russia on the Rally.

How feasible, according to you, is the scenario of Ukraine’s partition? How long would it take?

Eduard Limonov: The scenario of partitioning the Ukrainian empire, which Ukraine, breaking its back, is trying to maintain, is much more feasible than maintaining the Minsk Protocol. Actually, it is the only correct scenario. If other countries would join, then it wouldn’t take much time. There would be no more wars, since only Poland, Hungary, Romania and, of course, Russia are right. Slovakia too. It should also be noted that my project doesn’t mean the end of Ukraine as a state. It would get nine oblasts with a population of 20 million people, which means that it would become a medium-sized European country.

How was it possible for activists from “The Other Russia” to find a common ground with Polish nationalists? It is not a mystery that, from a historical perspective, there were many bitter conflicts and misunderstandings between Poland and Russia.

EL: It worked out. Slowly, but surely. The desire in Poland for reclaiming the Eastern Borderlands, which are Polish territories taken away due to the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact only becomes stronger. Lwów is a Polish city. It is true that the Polish population has been deported and eradicated. However, the Poles can always come back, it’s not a problem.

Has the joint action been met with any reactions from the Russian and Ukrainian sides?

EL: Ukraine has quickly noticed the rally in Warsaw and implies that it was orchestrated by the GRU despite the obvious fact that this is a lie. It is mine and our initiative. It has been three years since I came up with this. Russia is silent, because we have a stupid leadership.

What opportunities does the cooperation of Russian National Bolsheviks and the Polish Falanga provide?

EL: It is a first case of such cooperation between nations, not governments. The governments always lie and make mistakes.

Translated by a Polish Falanga/Xportal comrade for New Resistance with slight editing by Open Revolt, strictly for grammar.

Total Solidarity with our Comrades Worldwide.

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

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