Nova Resistência – Brasil’s Leader Raphael Machado on Nationalism & Class War

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Nationalism and Class War


Something that nationalists need to learn once and for all:

Class struggle is not ideology. Class struggle is a description of reality. The class struggle exists. There is no controversy about that. What can be discussed is whether or not it is the engine of history and whether or not it is the main political contradiction.

Whether it exists or is not an indisputable, undeniable, ever-present fact.

There is a class that is at war against the workers. No conciliation is possible with that class.

*All historical attempts to achieve conciliation with this class have failed.*

There’s a class that’s at war with us. Close your eyes to it, ignore it, pretend that this is not happening – this will not change a basic, obvious, given aspect of reality.

Class struggle exists. There is a war being fought. And we’re the target.

And what happens in a war when only one side is aware that there is a war being fought?

– Raphael Machado – New Resistance, Brazil

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