The Three Things That New Resistance Offer You

NR Black Flag

by James Porrazzo

I’ve talked quite often about what New Resistance can bring if even a small part of our program was actively applied, somewhere, someplace, sometime. We offer a blueprint for a better world, we propose powerful changes that haven’t been or have rarely been applied. These things can potentially slow down, halt, or if it spread far and wide enough reverse the negative trend our spiraling into the abyss planet is on right now.

That’s all interesting, or at least it should be unless you are a complete nihilist, and it gives our outreach efforts tools to build with.

But what about you?

What does New Resistance offer you as a person, concretely, by joining the movement?

How would becoming a militant in our cause transform your life – or would it?

The last question is the easiest to answer so I’ll answer that one first.

If you engage in New Resistance in a real way it will COMPLETELY transform your life. This will impact everything from your relationship with your family and co-workers to the raising the level of the kind of partners you attract should you be single. When the “Green Star” switch gets flipped in the brain – when you take a strong dose of the medicine New Resistance offers, your perception of the world will change and, as many people from spiritual teachers to billionaire self-help gurus have pointed out, that PERCEPTION is REALITY. They may be completely full-of-shit about most things, but they get it 100% right on this point.

Now that we’ve established New Resistance = Transformation, here are three things I promise you that New Resistance will deliver to you when you join and become an active part of us, no matter which country you are active in. Some say there’s New Resistance Cadres who enjoy these benefits acting on other unseen planes of existence but that’s for another discussion.

So all that follows holds true if you find yourself NR in NYC, NR in Rio, NR in London, or if you are reading this ten years after it was written and you are a New Resistance cadre on Saturn or Mars.

  1. A Grand Purpose. Most of those you see when you walk down the street are drones who don’t have anything more important on their minds or in their hearts than playing the latest video game, or watching some sports event on their mind-numbing television or drinking cheep beer. The NPC-meme has a lot of truth & merit to it. New Resistance gives you a Grand Purpose, a purpose that is with you 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week. You have broken from the mundane and into a world where anything is possible. Gone from zero potential (in doing something that REALLY matters) to hero potential. I’ve seen this cure depression, turn mice into men and timid girls into beautiful confident militants. Having a Grand Purpose, which we do, is a special kind of alchemy – real magic – that turns human lead into more-than-human gold.
  2. A Dangerous Life. Who wants safety and security? Many, but not anyone with taste, not anyone interesting, not anyone with a sense of aesthetics beyond aspiring to be a zombie on the Walking Dead. No one you probably want to be around. The kind of person right for New Resistance prefers danger, adventure, possibility and opportunity over soul-sucking safety and security. Anything can happen with when you are with us. And it might. Instead of watching a movie about a person doing things that put them at risk to get an adrenaline rush, your life itself is charged with adrenaline, always. No more living vicariously, but living for real. Could you end up in jail, confronted by a mob of antifa, or having to move across the world? Yes, absolutely. I guarantee you won’t be in New Resistance long before something wild occurs, if you are doing what you should be doing. And that’s the way it should be. This movement and revolutionary process kills one of the worst things you could ever be infected with. Boredom. Having real danger in your life, will push you as a person. You now lift weights not out of narcissism but out of necessity. You train BJJ or box not for “sport”, but to be ready if you or yous are really tested on the street, which is a possibility at all times. You run, not to set a high score on your fucking FitBit, but so you can potentially get away from those trying to catch you after doing something the system and society may consider naughty like wheat pasting New Resistance posters doubting your local asshole politician. Even your sex life is taken to the next level. Nothing excites a partner more than being in the presence, especially the naked presence, of a dangerous person. And don’t forget facing danger brings courage. The longer you are part of New Resistance the more courageous you will become. New Resistance will kill your inner coward, even if you only have a very small one. Or you like to think you only have a very small one.
  3. Revolutionary Brothers and Sisters Worldwide. New Resistance isn’t like some lame modern communist group with anorexic academic degree pursuing intellectuals, who should get thrown through a plate glass window rather than debated, or some prudish right wing group crying about “MAGA” or “MGTOW” but wouldn’t let one of their allies sleep on their couch if they needed to. Neither of these moderate ends of the middle show any real love or solidarity with their political partners, because there’s no real revolutionary bond present. In fact it is quite the opposite. We are Different. New Resisitance is part Movement, part Party, part Fight Club, but all Family. When you become a part of New Resistance you will have people who legitimately care about you across the world, in a real way, in places that might surprise you. It surprises me sometimes still. All part of a capital “F” Family that supports each other in good times and bad, often in a more caring, honest, and better way than many of our dysfunctional small “f” birth families ever thought of doing.

“Freedom! Justice! Revolution!” and “Long Live Death!” are the secret mantras of this age. Now you know them and what they offer. Whether you will take action and use them is up to you.

The FUTURE can be YOURS but ONLY if YOU are WILLING to TAKE it.


James Porrazzo founded New Resistance in 2011, putting an end to the infamous American Front, due to the many groups who were misusing its image and title. Inspiration was taken from the name of Nouvelle Résistance who had a reputation for being the most radical national revolutionaries of their time, operating in France between 1991 and 1997 before disbanding. He has been a hardcore political activist since 16, and an esotericist since a child. Accused of everything a dissident could be accused of, some true and some not, thriving many places where others would not dare to thread, he’d rather be killed than called a conservative.


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