Insurgent Lessons: Knights Templar of Michoacán Code of Conduct

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Disclaimer:  This is not an endorsement (or a denouncement) of the Knights Templar of Michoacán also known as the Caballeros Templarios (Knight’s Templar Cartel) but an examination of how high-octane criminals, Gnostic militants, and an armed socialist group were able to fuse into one fighting force that effectively  carved out and held a piece of Mexico for an extended period of time.  Many credit their success with their “Code of Conduct & Implications” which were (or are) quite unlike any of the rivals they fought in the field – oppressive big plantation owners and their hired goons, bloody-thirsty narco psychopath paramilitaries (like Los Zetas trained by the Israelis) and a completely corrupt police force/army.

First some history.  The foundation of Knights Templar of Michoacán came when the said-to-be-psychic visionary Founder of the Order Nazario Moreno Gonzalez (known as The Maddest One), said he received a divine Gnostic message to form the Templar Order. This drove The Maddest One to lead a split from the immortal La Familia Michoacana Cartel who were pure criminals he was in the leadership of and to push forward with a different vision.  Joining him were key members of La Familia Michoacana who joined him in embracing Gnosticism, the majority of their armed wing La  Resistencia, and the Fidel Castro inspired left-nationalist People’s Revolutionary Army (called the EPR in Spanish), who when hearing their message were won over by its sincerity.

These seemingly unlikely allies, of Gnostics who claimed magical powers (maybe not just a claim as The Maddest One was publicaly killed by the police and army,  confirmed dead by the Presidentod of Mexico, buried, only to return to lead The Templars for a second time months later), militant socialists, and hardened criminals all shed their differences dropped to one knee and were knighted as the first of Knights Templar of Michoacán swearing to “fight and die” for “social justice”  and to obey their code of conduct, often called their “bible” which we reprint below.

We do this to preserve an important moment in Revolutionary history and to help those in the future who may need inspiration for their own “Code of Conduct & Implications”.

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Code of the Knights Templar of Michoacán

“This struggle is for your people, my people, for ourselves and for our future generations.”
Code of the Knights Templar of Michoacán
This code is obligatory for all those who form part of the Order of the Knights Templar of Michoacán.
The Knights Templar of Michoacán are born on 8 March 2011. Their principal mission is to protect the inhabitants and the sacred territory of the independent, sovereign and secular state of Michoacán.
To enter this order it is necessary to receive approval from the Council composed by the brothers of greatest experience and good judgment.
Every individual who becomes a member of the Knights Templar of Michoacán does so for all his life and cannot abandon the order.
+ “A man with ideas is strong but a man with ideals is invincible.”
All members of the Order of the Knights Templar of Michoacán should be under oath, which is administered via a ritual established by the Council. This oath will be kept under pain of death.
Every knight is obligated to behave with Honor, dignity, absolute discipline, loyalty and honesty, as dictated by the sacred canons of the Order.
All the knights should respect the CODE OF SILENCE; it is absolutely prohibited to divulge our activities and secrets.
The Knights Templar should love and serve all humanity in a disinterested manner.
+ “A long journey begins with a first step.”
“Love, Loyalty, Equality and Justice.”
A Knight Templar understands that there is a God, a life created by Him, an eternal truth and a divine purpose in the service of God and Man-kind.
The members of the Order should struggle against materialism, injustice and tyranny in the world, beginning with their own home, community, city, state and country.
It is the duty of all the knights to prepare and equip themselves for battle and attain the objectives of the Order.
We Knights Templar will wage the ideological battle that confronts us in order to defend the values that sustain a society based on ethics that have been developed over the centuries.
+ “In seeking the welfare of our fellow men, we will find our own.”
The Order will struggle against the disintegration of moral values and the destructive elements that prevail today in human society.
The Order sustains natural justice and the fundamental rights of man, recognizing the right of all peoples and nations to govern themselves within their own natural economic environment.
The Order supports freedom of expression, of conscience and of religion; collective self-defense and positive measures to eradicate the poverty and injustice that threaten world society.
The Templars should not have a negative attitude against any man because of the way he addresses God, even if this should be different or strange. On the contrary, the Templar should try to understand how others seek God.
+ “Destiny deals out the cards, but we are the ones who play them.”
A soldier of the Templars should not be enslaved by sectarian beliefs or narrow opinions. God is truth and without God there is no truth. A Templar should always seek truth because in truth there is God.
The Order foments patriotism, expressed in pride in one’s own land and its achievements and the awareness of its place among nations and the duties towards all mankind.
The Knights of the Order should conduct themselves with humility and be the most honorable, the most noble, the most polite, the most honest and the most gentlemanly, as a worthy Knight of the Templars.
A Templar should serve the Order and not expect to be served by it. What collaboration is given should be in the service of God and there should be no expectation of reward other than the knowledge that the Order has been honored by his devotion.
+ “I swear and promise to always fight to protect the oppressed, the widow and the orphan.”
+ “There is a past that is gone forever, but there is a future that is ours.”
Templars must not offend in any manner another person or other being. For all, the Templar should be a model of gentlemanliness.
No woman should fear a Templar, neither his actions nor his words. No child should fear a Templar either. No man, should fear a Templar, but on the contrary should feel his protection.
Never should a Templar dishonor another Templar, because such conduct will dishonor himself and will discredit the Order.
In his conduct, a Templar will avoid the following: brutality, drunkenness in an offensive manner, immorality, cowardice, lying and having malicious intentions.
+ “Never surrender, create your own path.”
+ “Life requires gentlemanliness and humility.”
A knight should not seek positions of aggrandizement in the Order. He will be content with those positions which he has been given so that he can serve best.
A Templar should not judge anyone by his possessions or his social position. On the contrary, people should be judged by their character and their charity towards others, or lack thereof.
Members of the Order must submit completely to the principles of the Templars and obey its officials in all things related to the Order.
For the Knights Templars of Michoacán, discipline is constant and obedience is always given; we come and go depending on the instructions given by those in authority.
Every member of the Order must remain firm and constant in the just causes of God.
All Knights Templar of the Order are under obligation to live a common life of sobriety and happiness, always maintaining a low profile so as not to attract notice.
All knights must treat their companions and leaders with respect.
Work undertaken by all those in the Order must be for the benefit and progress of all the Knights Templar and not for personal benefit of any individual.
+ “If you can dream it, you can make it happen.”
+ “For cowards, the future is uncertain, for the brave it is the great opportunity they are waiting for.”
The conduct of a knight should be unblemished, therefore abusing the innocence of virtuous women and minors, utilizing deception or power to seduce them, is prohibited.
For all members of the Order, the use of drugs or any mind altering substance is strictly prohibited.
A Knight Templar never gives the impression he is superior to others.
All members of the Order of the Knights Templar of Michoacán should inform the Council regarding all matters of relevance that occur in their personal lives.
+ “I swear and promise to spill my blood, if need be, to comply with all my oaths, and to assist my brothers.”
+ “Man is a God when he dreams and a pauper when he reflects.”
Kidnapping for the purpose of making money is strictly prohibited for all members of the Order.
The leaders of the Order and their personnel must periodically submit to antidoping  tests and inform the Council of the results of these test results.
Absolute coordination must take place among all members of the Order, in compliance with the organizational chart, to fulfill correctly all functions.
No one can leave their assigned position without permission from his superior; in the case of the leadership there should exist good communication with the rest of that elite; the deputies of the leaders should coordinate effectively the functions of all personnel.
+ “Thinking with your head is not the same as thinking with your heart.”
+ “No one has more pride than a Templar: He has the forest for his house and the sky as a window.”
To use lethal force, authorization from the Council is required.
The Knights Templar of Michoacán should never be seen as lazy or getting involved what is none of their business.
Knights Templar in leadership positions will behave in an exemplary manner: they will be intelligent, astute, humble, prudent, efficient, audacious and discreet: they are under obligation to improve themselves and learn.
Any knight who has a need to move outside his work zone, must inform immediately as soon as he enters the other zone, irrespective of his position in the hierarchy.
At the moment of the move, all necessary security precautions must be taken, including sending out an advance party and traveling with caution during the entire trajectory.
For security reasons, all knights must be on alert 24 hours a day.
If a knight commits a fault against a member of the Council and violates the code of silence of the Knights Templar of Michoacán, he shall be punished with death.
The Knights Templar of Michoacán impose justice and because of that, no element should kill wantonly or for money. When that decision is made, it should be first investigated thoroughly and if there are sufficient reasons only then proceed.
+ “A man’s strength emanates from his mind.”
+ “A brave man does not turn away from life’s battle.”
A Knight Templar of Michoacán is a crusader at all times, committed to a dual struggle against flesh and blood temptations while at the same time confronting the spiritual forces of the heavens.
A knight should always be conscious that he is a soldier of the Templars and always see to it that his works are an example to others.
Every knight should advance without fear, but being careful what may happen to the right and to the left of him, with his chest uncovered and his soul fortified with faith.
The knight that betrays the Templars shall be punished by death and his properties will be expropriated, and his relatives will suffer the same fate.
+ “Wine is strong, the king is stronger and women are very strong but the truth vanquishes all of them.”
+ “If you persevere, your dreams and desires will become reality.”
Where there is weakness, the Templar should bring his force. Where there is no voice, the Templar should raise his. Where poverty is greatest, there the Templar should distribute his generosity.”
Because the manner in which we comport ourselves today, will be the example for our people in the days to come.
Commentary and editing by J.P. of New Resistance and Open Revolt.
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