Venezuela: Democracy or Democra-Crazy?


“When imperialism feels weak, it resorts to brute force. The attacks on Venezuela are a sign of weakness, ideological weakness.” – Hugo Chavez

The criminal actions currently taking place on a world scale spearheaded by the United States against Venezuela is using the smokescreen of democracy in the most cynical and despicable ways imaginable.

For all who are obsessed with this idea of “democracy”, I think it is agreed that democracy implies the will of the majority of the people.

Now beyond the obvious and demonstrable fact President Nicolás Maduro is the democratically head of a country that has had roughly 28 elections in 20-years, with over 100 outside observers from across the world deeming them legitimate, the question seems to have turned towards the WORLD democratic decision on if he has the “right” to remain President of Venezuela or not.

Ignoring the absurdity of this on a national scale can even the idea of President Maduro not being the legal leader of Venezuela pass the test of worldwide “democratic scrutiny” if we accepted this as something legitimate (which New Resistance doesn’t but we are illustrating to prove a point)?

Not for a moment if we count the people represented by the governments who support the continued leadership of President Maduro in Venezuela – the Russian Federation, China, and India plus many others, who clearly outnumber the number of people who would prefer him wrenched from office and a more pliable President that bows to the United States interest be put in his place.

In fact, the global numbers aren’t even close.

And forgive the graphic image, but the stench of hypocrisy is worse than a 50-year-old Pakistani wh*re’s crotch.

What hypocrisy? Well, it is difficult If the United States is so interested in playing democratic and social justice world police why they don’t aim their moral crusading at places like the KINGDOM of Saudi Arabia, or the United Arab Emirates, and other tyrant-led key American allies, who are so far removed from democracy to be laughable, to even compare them to current the current Venezuelan electoral system.

But what about the second “sacred cow” of “human rights”?

Beyond the countries mentioned above, we wonder if the United States is so interested in ‘human rights’ why they do not address the Zionist state of Israel, another key American ally’s treatment of Palestinians?  Beyond not addressing the current U.S. regime endorsed it further by recognizing the Israeli capital as being in Jerusalem, something no other American leadership even came close to doing.

Finally, and perhaps most laughably, is the alleged United States concern for Venezuelan ‘standards of living’ and ‘poverty’ things America has aggravated if not caused.  If these are an important U.S. international concern why hasn’t America turned their attention to  Haiti, certainly a place that passes for a nation that could use a hand when it comes to building a sustainable economy and being cleansed of corruption.  But without the world’s largest oil reserves, not that that could have anything to do with America’s decision making processes, America could care less.

So New Resistance officially asks let’s stop pretending the U.S. has a true concern about democracy, human rights, or standards of living outside of its borders. Or even inside its borders, but that is another story.

Instead what is reasonable and clear is that what we are witnessing is the United States attacking a country they have hated for its Revolutionary ideology since the day Hugo Chavez was elected President and proclaimed himself a champion of the world’s working class and Venezuela a key member of the “Axis of Resistance”, with an aim to liberate Latin and South America especially through the Bolivarian Revolution.

The United States has never forgotten this no matter what actor has played the role of U.S. President since, and that drive to destroy and enslave Venezuela now continues against a weakened Revolutionary resistance and President Maduro.

We would argue this weakened position is no-fault of President Maduro’s, but manifested through the combined impact of US-allied Saudi Arabia manipulation of oil prices, U.S. covert operations spreading drug and narco-gang activity into Venezuela to spread internal chaos, sanctions after sanctions to drain the country’s ability to remain afloat, and the U.S. buying off of Venezuelan oligarchs who control key industries like paper products and food production and their holding back on making these vital products available to the Venezuelan people to drain the life force of the Revolution.

All this in the name of a new Monroe Doctrine, capitalism, and neo-liberalism.

Only a fool or a liar would say democracy is declaring the puppet Juan Guaidó, a person unknown to 85% of the Venezuelan population at the time of the announcement, as “President” of the country. Guaidó, a political unknown who seems to only have as his main claim to fame on his resume being a graduate of George Washington University, a University so close to the CIA, that the CIA holds its conferences on the University’s campus on a regular basis.

Welcome to the Age of Democra-Crazy and if you think Venezuela will be the last to taste its sting you are quite naive.

To the countries like Russia, India, China, and Cuba, to name just a few, who could have remained silent about this violation of Venezuela’s national sovereignty but didn’t we send our respect.

To the European Union leadership who have backed this, when they themselves are facing all-kinds-of-issues they should be addressing instead you are an embarrassment and a disgrace. True Europeans will one day make you stand for your crimes and this will be one of them.

To the South and Latin American countries who support this attempt at the United States installing leadership in your own backyard whenever and however they please you are what Malcolm X, clearly defined as a despicable group of “house n*ggers” who should hang your heads in shame. If an election in your own nation doesn’t go the way of this new Monroe Doctrine, and you have something the United States deems of value, expect this play to be run inside your own borders. Look in the mirror and move from the “house” of “mastah” to the “field” and show dignity and self-respect.

Long Live the Bolivarian Revolution!

James Porrazzo
New Resistance

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