Jean-Marie Le Pen: Life is a Fight!

J Le Pen

Practical, actionable advice from an elder of our cause.

“My philosophy is one of survivalism, because life is a fight, a permanent contest against adversity, depending more or less on luck. It may be more pleasant to stay sitting in an arm chair than marching under a hot sun, but the only way you can be sure of keeping your independence is not to stay in the arm chair. Essentially, I can express my philosophy of action in the words of a parachute regiment’s motto: ‘Être et Durer’ – ‘To Be and To Last.’ We don’t have much time. Humankind itself could completely disappear, particularly after a nuclear war. Anyway, I try to convince my compatriots that they should give themselves a month of survival with a sack of rice, some tinned food and some water, as it is probable that food supplies will one day run out. In the event of a real crisis supermarkets won’t last twenty-four hours, they’ll be looted and burnt down. Imagine if the water system was attacked and stopped working. Only those who had put some bottled water to one side would survive. Though water isn’t completely indispensable… if you have some wine.

I have my doubts about saying all that because I am going to be accused of apocalypticism. Lucidity carries its own risks. A good turn is never forgiven.”

– Jean-Marie Le Pen

French Foreign Legion Veteran of the First Indochina War and the war in Algeria. Founder of the Front National & its President from 1972 to 2011 (in 2018 the party was renamed Rassemblement National and is led by his daughter Marine Le Pen). For his lifelong activism Jean-Marie has been nicknamed the “Devil of the Republic.

Don’t forget to read the New Resistance Manifesto and Join the Fight!

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

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