Everyone I Don’t Like is a Fascist!

Thierry Baudet


Welcome to the ever more bizarre and silly ‘Culture Wars’.

The liberal-left thought police are really rabid lately.

I recently congratulated Thierry Baudet for his electoral victory in the Netherlands, along with a photo of him with Alexander Dugin speaking and another photo of Baudet socializing with Milo Yiannopoulos, as a kind of tongue in cheek joke on our New Resistance Facebook Page.

The cries of New Resistance is “fascist” for saying “congratulations” to Baudet began right away.

Baudet, who is of Dutch and Indonesian descent, believes in direct democracy and legalizing soft drugs, plus tighter immigration rules, among many other things. Sort of a mix of Italy’s Five-Star Movement and Lega in one body.

Dugin is outspokenly (sometimes annoyingly so) against fascism.

Yiannopoulos is a homosexual married to a black man, who is anti-immigration but passionately pro-capitalist.

Has the definition of “fascist” simply turned into “anyone a liberal dislikes”?

It certainly looks that way.

The ones running with this tactic haven’t learned the lesson their psycho-feminist allies should have taught them when they did this with the word “rape”, broadening its definition so far that the accusation will soon mean next to nothing, as far as slurs go.
When the word  used to really carry social weight, before it meant one hundred other things than a forced sexual encounter.


No wonder why these poor propagandist weaklings couldn’t even beat Donald Trump when they had every possibly advantage against him.


The liberal-left and their threatening as a poodle antifa attack dogs have lost the ability to see nuance, critically think, or control their emotions.
Death to the system!
And they are too egotistical to learn from there own mistakes.


With opposition like this, surely the future is ours.

Death to the System

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

– James Porrazzo, New Resistance

Death to the System!

Don’t forget to read the New Resistance Manifesto and Join the Fight!

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