Alexander Dugin, Lift The Veil’s Nathan Stolpman and Occult Witch Hunts Gone Wrong

Lift The Veil is a Podcast Rising in Both Popularity and Mundane Stupidity


Lift The Veil’s recent “expose” of Alexander Dugin and his alleged and real fellow travelers hammers this home, in their recent video, “Christchurch Shooting, Alexander Dugin & Chaos Magick”.

Check out the video here or watch it embedded below before reading any further so you can get an idea of what is being commented on.

The host of this video and “expert researcher”, Nathan Stolpman. nor any of his over 600 commenting idiots (as of the time of this post), manage to not mention ONE actual occultist who supports or supports with some reservations Alexander Dugin (like Open Revolt), Eurasianism, or the Fourth Political Theory in this remarkably retarded expose.
Despite there being plenty of us who exist and have existed from the very beginning of “all this” which no one has ever made any effort to hide.

Nathan and his team of hobgoblins and hobbits instead accuse a long list of pro-Dugin Christians of being “chaos magicians”, apart from Spencer (an atheist), and the fruity Augustus Invictus (a batty boi Thelemite) who actually hates Dugin and the rest of us too.

Seriously, if you think Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone equal Countess Bathory and Melisandre the Red Priestess from Game of Thrones, you are truly a completely incompetent “alt-journalist” and piece of humanpox who talks way too much in public on YouTube. Or probably talks to much at all.

Are real practitioners of magic making you look like a fool Nathan?  By confusing and misdirecting you esoterically?  If that’s the case, what else could be going on?  Is that cat who is often in your videos in on the fun? Is your woman secretly in touch with us?

A bit more about this podcaster.  He is proven to be a trained actor. Like literally appearing in recent movies actor, so expecting him to act like a journalist may be asking too much.

Read about Nathan Stolpman “occult and geopolitical” expert’s training and experience as an actor here:


So that’s my (and many of our thoughts) on this wannabe witch hunter.</p 

But to show our kind hearts, and humanitarian values, here is some free Life Coaching advice for those involved with things like Lift The Veil:

Recent and past history and the  world itself has proven one of the easiest ways to get in big-style trouble is when you fall into the trap of thinking you are smarter
than you really are.

And if you are like Nathan Stolpman you, for sure, aren’t that smart.

Swords Against Schemes and Blood Against Gold.

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

  – Andre de Montbard, New Resistance

(While Mr. Andre de Montbard is our New Resistance comrade this is a guest opinion piece and may or may not represent the views of others on the Open Revolt team or of the whole of New Resistance. It is published in the spirit of lively thought and discussion. The author has chosen to write under a pen name for reasons of his own, but which we understand and respect.)
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