Thierry Baudet: “We Represent a Political Philosophy That is Fundamentally Different!”

Open Revolt and New Resistance congratulate Thierry Baudet and the Forum for Democracy (FvD) for their recent political victories and for their sensible statements on a wide range of issues. Perhaps a European Awakening is at hand. What follows is some recent quotes from the charismatic leader, pictured above with his fittingly beautiful fiancee, Davide Heijmans.

Some Thoughts From Thierry Baudet

“I think there’s a movement going on across European countries, across individual party-lines. It’s the belief in a European renaissance.”

“We further what one can call an ‘Australian’ immigration model. By that we mean a fundamentally different approach to immigration. No longer are we going to look at how needy possible immigrants are of our support; we are going to ask ourselves if they are likely to contribute in a positive way to our country. We are very willing in terms of aid programs to support refugee shelters wherever in the world. We’re very happy to help them there. But when it comes to immigration, to handing out passports to people, that is something that we’re no longer going to make dependent on whether or not the person in question comes from a terrible situation at home, but from the answer to the question what he or she is going to bring to us. We have a fundamentally different approach to immigration from what was dominant in the West for the past several decades. We value the nation, our national identity, as a very important and very positive value that we need to protect.”

“It’s just civilization we’re fighting for. The good, the true, and the beautiful.”

“I’ve always known that we were going to win!”

Thierry Baudet

Forum for Democracy (FvD)

Do we agree with Thierry Baudet on everything? Of course not, especially on environmental issues. But we agree on enough and that’s a start. Read our Manifesto here.

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

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