Donald Trump Gets RJC to Admit They are Loyal to Israel First

Who is Gaming Who?

You can say what you want about President Trump, we certainly have, but what he recently did at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s meeting to get the RJC to expose where their loyalties truly stand (and it’s not with the United States) was a masterpiece in communication skills and 48 Laws of Power style manipulation.

For those of you who don’t get how things like ’embedded commands’ and similar methods of Neuro Linguistic Programming’s approach to ‘covert’ communication work President Trump successfully lulled the RJC Zionists asleep enough to applaud when he called (then running for office but now re-elected) Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu THEIR Prime Minister, meaning they were openly admitting to being more loyal to a foreign leader and country than their own.

In their own Republican Party language people who hold these views are very commonly called things like “traitors”.

This was an EXPLOSIVE move by President Trump that NLP-experts on our team here at Open Revolt believe was likely not intended for those present but more meant to prove a point to elements within the American intelligence agencies and allied Deep State elements opposed to being under Zionist over-influence or outright control as well as to ‘normal’ Americans who are either “woke” or close enough to “woke” for something like this to “wake” them.

This is what happens when chess masters play checker players.

Now does that make Trump “our guy”?

No, of course not.

But he is going after targets no American President has dared to challenge so brazenly post World War 2.

Interesting times ahead.

Watch the video below. And read our Manifesto.

You may find the section on Zionism of particular interest.

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

Robert de Sablé, New Resistance

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