Europe, Russia, India: Indo-European Unity

Let this be the Foundation of Your Tradition.

“We follow the traditions of the historical National Bolsheviks. For us, Europe coincides not with the geographical West, but with all of Eurasia, which was once culturally, spiritually, and even politically united around Indo-European values and the Indo-European worldview. Russians are Indo-Europeans, Indians are Indo-Europeans, Iranians are Indo-Europeans – we are all united by a common spirit, a common Indo-European metaphysics. Catholics and European extreme rightists only think of Europe up to Poland. We are pagans, mystics, revolutionaries, and students of Drieu La Rochelle, Thiriart, and Dumézil. We don’t think of Europe without Russia and India.”

  • Christian Bouchet, interview with Alexander Dugin in the magazine Elementy #8 (1997).

“We could not agree more, just adding the Indo-European diaspora to the mix. Read our Manifesto. Join our Fight.”

  • James Porrazzo, Founder New Resistance

(Editorial Update 4/19: Since running this post, which is accurately translated but is also over two decades old, Open Revolt has been contacted by Mr. Bouchet to make readers aware today he would use the term Traditionalist in place of “pagan” in his answer, since he no longer thinks paganism is a Traditional path. So this small part of the quote above should not be confused with his current ideas. While Open Revolt is not a Traditionalist publication, the Traditionalists on our staff would respectfully disagree and point readers to Alain de Benoit’s On Being a Pagan, Julius Evola’s Pagan Imperialism along wih the work of scholars like Collin Cleary and Stephen E. Flowers on the subject. As always our comment section is open to free, lively, civil discussion and debate and we hold Mr. Bouchet in very high regard. – Thierry Baudet, New Resistance/Open Revolt.)

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

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