New Resistance on Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

Malcolm X or Martin Luther King?

Let’s be clear if you want to use an American reference point for New Resistance that is widely known, we are Malcolm X, the revolutionary, not the pathetic-pacifist crying for ‘equality’ (something which doesn’t exist in nature and is only fought for by a group which believes itself to be inferior) Martin Luther King.

King was a pressure valve agent of the System who hurt American Blacks not helped them.

When I see anti-imperialists wave his flag or push him up as a hero, it reminds me of what a bunch of soft, silver-spoon fed academics they are completely removed from street realities.

Do they even know any poor blacks?

Or the working poor at all?

Half these motherfuckers seem to have gone to Yale or the London School of Economics, where I am sure they received great grades with the other children of the privileged.

I and New Resistance give them an F in the Science of Street Knowledge.

And another failing Grade in Knowledge of Self, how to promote it among their own, or recognize it and respect it among other people.

In a just world, they should be punched in their mouth every time they say something so stupid as to praise MIK and then possibly the “Pavlov’s Dog” effect would kick in and they would shut up and go join #metoo or something more appropriate for them. But please don’t do this because these fake anti-System elements will call the police faster than Donald Trump would grab a model by her p*ssy.

New Resistance is, metaphorically speaking, Malcolm X looking out the window with a rifle ready to defend ourselves and our loved ones if need be.

Against whoever, however, whenever and wherever.

By Any Means Necessary and Whatever it Takes.

Not some shekel chasing hustler “coonin'” for the System, like MLK, walking around holding some child from another People’s hand playing the sympathy card, pulling at heartstrings, surrounded by (probably pedoph*le) priests. Building himself up to preach probably the most self-destructive, idiotic, counter-revolutionary ideology to ever exist on this planet: turn-the-other-cheek pacifism.

Malcolm X was a hero for his people and should be respected by all radical dissidents regardless of their heritage.

Martin Luther King should be contemptible to ALL revolutionaries.

Don’t drink from the cup of cowardice. Don’t let slick talkers or writers infect you with mind viruses that will make you a liability and not an asset.

James Porrazzo, Founder New Resistance

Learn More. Join the Fight.

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

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