Dugin: A Nuanced Approach to his Ideas & a Clear Position on the Smear Campaign Against Him

by James Porrazzo, New Resistance

Alexander Dugin is someone I have great respect for and whose early work, which had its foundation in a Gnostic worldview and a promotion of the radical extremes both Left and Right in politics, had a formative impact on myself and the movement I led that preceded New Resistance. This era of his thought continues to have the same kind of influence on New Resistance today across the board. We are and remain grateful. But he is an important one of many who we have learned from and, perhaps our most important ideas, have risen internally – often taken by others and passed off as their own, without credit.

It should be clear we are NOT an official part of his network internationally (if one exists), in the formal sense, or even in an informal one. Some of us enjoy our very occasional conversation with him but no leadership direction of any kind is delivered to us and never has been.

These are lies manufactured by the mainstream media and its hobgoblins.

These creatures and one of their favorite tricknowledgry rags The Washington Post recently came to take the throat of Dugin in a poorly written but widely read hit piece.

New Resistance stands in solidarity with Dugin in opposition to these media attacks and you should too.

That point made somethings need to be clarified.

New Resistance is not a Russiaphile movement. Period.

We support Russian geopolitics more often than not but we serve neither Washington nor Moscow.

Next, we do not fully endorse Dugin’s current ideas by any means. Quite the contrary. When you read about his dreams of Religious Empires and a return to the Middle Ages as an ultimate goal, understand this has NOTHING to do with the program of New Resistance. Add to this his thoughts on tradition and the future, where we also are not even in the same book let alone on the same page.

This does NOT make us enemies, Rather we SHARE, mostly, the same enemies.

Including the clearest ones: capitalism and globalism.

But our ideas on how to approach religion and spirituality and on how to view the past and future and what these positions mean for our People are places where we importantly part ways with Dugin, 4PT, and the Eurasian Movement.

He very eloquently lays out his thoughts on these subjects in the article linked here and below in his response to The Washington Post.

You may want to read that first and then return here to understand where and why we break ranks over these subjects.

Our position on Religion & Spirituality and Tradition & Futurism are clear in our New Resistance Manifesto and immediately follow, so the differences between ours and his can be easily understood.

From our Manifesto, where we break down where we are coming from and going to in these areas:

>Resacralization of the Modern World

To combat the pull of crass materialism, NEW RESISTANCE encourages the return of spirituality and the sense of sacredness to the public square. While we do not favour any particular religion or ethical system over another, and strongly oppose any attempt at theocratic government, we believe that both the individual and society as a whole would be greatly enriched by the beauty of the numinous in everyday life.


Science, technology and tradition are not necessarily opposing forces in our eyes. Positive future progress requires a transcendence of the division between those who wish for a restoration of the traditions of the past, and those who are calling for new social and technological forms. This synthesis points to the way forward. NEW RESISTANCE aims to be at the vanguard of this concept.

This is dramatically different than the ideas of Dugin, which is fine, but an unavoidable truth.

The media attempts to claim he is our “guru” or that we follow the Eurasian Movement program are simply not true.

Where does that leave us?

The same. There was a need for clarity, rather than change. Alexander Dugin is our comrade, ally, and friend, who we wish the best. And if projects align where we can work together as peers, that is wonderful. You will still see some of his work pop up on Open Revolt and our other media projects, as appropriate.

To all of our members, supporters, friends, and readers:

Alexander Dugin should be shown SOLIDARITY in the media attacks he is being hammered with; he should NEVER be treated with hostility by anyone close to New Resistance, no matter their personal opinion; New Resistance believes that the United States is unjust in placing Dugin, an author and philosopher, on their sanctions lists and we hope Trump removes him from these and fixes this grave error immediately; and his books offer great value in inspiring high-level thought, even when he misses the target in important places (like the idea that race is a modern creation, something we expect from a completely different kind of person than Dugin, pure hobgoblin-distilled thought that the Washington Post churns out on an hourly basis to destabilize mainly European culture and the European diaspora, not something from the mind of Dugin) and Dugin should continue be read by our People capable of nuance and integrating what makes them a better revolutionary and rejecting what doesn’t.

This commentary is made with the utmost respect and in the interest of furthering the fight against globalism, building the spirit of honesty and mutual understanding between fellow “travelers” and further educating our cadre and supporters.

The Washington Post vs on Alexander Dugin can be read here.

Dugin’s response to The Washing Post attack “The Return of the Great Times” is featured on GeoPolitica.ru.

Allow me to close with these important points, stated as plainly as possible:

New Resistance is sovereign, a revolutionary movement, a Family and an Order of our own, with a hug to our friends outside it.

New Resistance is neither communist nor anti-communist, neither fascist nor anti-fascist. We welcome any positive elements that come from ANY anti-capitalist direction that helps us build or to destroy, as appropriate.

New Resistance is not religiously dogmatic. Atheists and agnostics are welcome and those walking many different paths spiritually (even some shocking to the timid) have always been and are among us politically. In eight years I can’t recall more than two internal arguments in this area. It is a policy that has been proven to work in the past, the present and we are certain will be even more potent in the Days to Come.

Victory to Alexander Dugin against the lies of the media.

For us, the Future!

Learn more. Join the Fight!

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

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