Who Won the Zizek vs. Peterson Debate? It May Not Be Who You Thought!

There was a great deal of talk about the Jordan Peterson and Slavoj Zizek debate before it went down. That is putting it mildly.

Since I move in pretty diverse dissident circles and have read both of these figures extensively, plus watched more hours of their lectures than I care to admit, I couldn’t help but notice that those who were convinced Peterson would win knew little about Zizek and those who were convinced Zizek would win were just as uninformed about Peterson.

My own opinion of the two is that they are powerful positive forces but in completely different areas, both also having deeply flawed positions in other important spaces outside their spheres of mastery.

This left me with the feeling that the whole idea of a debate seemed strange… what topic could be chosen that didn’t give one of them a big advantage over the other?

It seemed close to impossible to select one.

How could they get the two to agree on even the foundation of their “terms of engagement”?

And what was really the point when most people interested had already picked a winner before a word was spoke?

It came together, despite these questions.

And, despite my misgivings, I couldn’t wait to watch it.

My thoughts?

The Morning Star was with us and ideological rebellion was in the air.

I don’t know if this was a conscious choice of Peterson and Zizek, or not, if there were some kind of agreement made to stand united against the Thought Police and the System or it was spontaneous and natural. But it worked out in the best of ways.

For our People so much so, it is close to shocking.

Peterson and Zizek, instead of being the hitmen for the (occupied) Right or Left, as expected, treated each other with great respect, agreed on very shocking (for some) subjects, and wrecked the narrative both the University Left and University Right’s limp dicked academics had scripted in their minds.

This quite friendly exchange, with as much agreement as not, is a powerful trance breaker.

I guarantee this inspires a chunk of Zizek followers to check out Peterson and a chunk of Peterson supporters to check out Zizek.

And that means we will see some ideological jailbreaks – both from the Leftist cage and from the Rightist cage – with the now free person left open to think, work, and live in new woke ways.

And, don’t underestimate it, that is a serious win.

This debate will act as a gateway drug for the newly aware looking for something different, new, not moving Left or Right, but moving Forward.

That description sounds remarkably like a movement that has paved and is paving the way in that area, with no one else even in close contention.

So who won the Jordan Peterson and Zizek debate?

I’ll be arrogant enough to say WE DID.

Open Revolt and New Resistance are going to be able to build off of this spectacle in a very big way.

Want to learn more? Read our Manifesto. Looking for adventure? Join the Fight.

Live in South or Central America? Check out Nova Resistência.

A better world is possible,

James Porrazzo, Founder New Resistance

Jordan Peterson, “I hope they leave this debate with a belief in the power of communication between people with different views…”

Slavoj Zizek, “I hope sincerely that we made at least some people to think and to reject this simple opposition… if you are a Leftist don’t feel obliged to be politically correct. Think, THINK. Don’t be afraid to think. One great version of not-thinking is how immediately if they don’t agree with you that you are labeled a fascist. That is laziness…”

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

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