Kai Murros on Overpopulation, War and Morality

“The coming war is not going to be a moral problem. The coming war will be a mere technical problem. And once we have solved the technical problem we will be able to wage a war of absolute destruction in all corners of the Earth as we see fit. We can take the initiative wherever, whenever, and against whomever we want — and stay on the offensive until the enemy is exterminated. For us war is the logical culmination of evolution. For us politics is secondary to war. For us politics is just a prelude to war. All the great questions of our time can and will be solved through war.

The world is facing cataclysmic changes as the tectonic plates of races and civilizations are colliding — overpopulation is making the world too small for us all. The endless minor conflicts that have burned across the planet for decades will grow into gigantic genocidal wars over living space and life-sustaining resources — water, food, breathable air, and energy. Societies will fall, chaos will reign, and civilization will collapse — leaving most parts of the planet in savagery.

Europe will face these challenges of the future by systematically waging wars with radical environmental, ecological, and ethnic goals. We will check the avalanche of hostile overgrowing populations; we will decimate the predatory migrations against Europe — all threats against Europe will be eradicated. We will strike overpopulation right at its source!”

Kai Murros

(A rousing excerpt from a longer speech from Mr. Murros which highlights many of his views which are quite aligned with New Resistance and Open Revolt‘s own. Any differences are quite minor when compared to the shared all-important goal of defending and liberating Europe and the European diaspora from globalism, international capitalism and its attack dogs. We hope to feature more of his work in the near future.)

Kai Murros (born 1969) is a Finnish intellectual and National Revolutionary from Helsinki, well-known outside of the country due to his book Revolution: And How to Do It in a Modern Society. He studied at the University of Helsinki between 1990 and 1999, specializing in history and oriental languages. His Masters of Arts thesis was on the gradual change of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army from a guerilla organization to a professional one. He became well-known on nationwide television and radio for predicting that after the revolution, globalist traitors to the nation, particularly CEOs and politicians in Finland, will be sent to prison camps as enemies of the people.

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Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

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