A Guideline for the Populist Moment – by Alexander Dugin, with Commentary

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As of late, European intellectuals are discussing a new political concept that is becoming increasingly relevant: the ‘populist moment.’

They are worried by left-wing Schmittians in the likes of Chantal Mouffe on the one hand and, on the other hand, the brilliant ideologist of European conservatives and the “New Right,” the most formidable and influential figure of intellectual Europe, the philosopher Alain de Benoist. Both right and left are publishing texts dedicated to the populist moment, each offering their own different interpretations, arguments, and predictions for the future.

What is the populist moment?

First of all, it is the emergence in politics of leaders who become extremely popular by appealing to the broad masses while not concerning themselves with the ideological coherence of their platforms and positions. These are first and foremost Putin and Trump, whose views are difficult to qualify in conventional categories of right, left, etc. Such leaders understand and feel society, what it genuinely wants, what it is striving for, what it thinks, what it fears, and they answer these expectations directly without bothering to couch such in some kind of system. And this is working better and better. Whether by accident or system failure, this is gradually becoming a trend. After Trump, this is already a global reality that cannot be ignored.

Secondly, Liberal Democracy is in blatant, complete crisis. Wherever it tries to act openly and directly insist on its ideological values – human rights, gender politics, cosmopolitanism, the open society, globalization, etc. – its representatives consistently suffer failure. Liberalism still controls many spheres such as global finance, the global corporate media, culture, education, and technology, but in society it is already essentially rejected. The end of history did not happen and Fukuyama himself, like a complete loser, is now muttering about how the United States is, you see, a failed state. Liberalism is dead. But it is not its old enemies, Communism and Fascism, that destroyed it, but something new: Populism. Any populist, whether right or left, can now beat any liberal.

Thirdly – and this is already becoming more serious – a new subject, a new phenomenon is emerging in the forefront of politics: the people, or populus, hence “populism”. The people is absent in the ideologies of modernity. There is no people in liberalism, whose main subject is the individual. There is no people in communism, where class is the most important. Nor is there the people in fascism, since the emphasis is on the state. All of this remains in the 20th century. Now from around the corner is being mobilized something forgotten or altogether never considered: the People. This is not simply the sum of individuals, classes, or citizens with passports and residence permits. It is something living, organic, whole, ever-changing, and avoiding strict definitions. The people lives longer than people. It has different cycles and different scales. It trusts in myth and is skeptical of science. Even if the people is cowardly, it is admired by fearless heroes. Even if it is crooked, it sincerely loves beauty. And now this People is coming into active contradiction with the existing political system.

The people is neither left nor right. The people stands all at once for order and for freedom, for a powerful state and for social justice, for strength and for continuous holiday. The people easily unites opposites without even noticing. The people lives according to a particular logic that has nothing to do with the norms of modern political science or sociology. The people is always not what others think about it. It does not lend itself to be calculated or counted. It proceeds from a different logic than that of the Enlightenment and societies of modernity. In some sense, the people is very ancient. It is nurtured by the juices of eternity.

The people as a political concept is appearing today in opposition to liberalism. The liberals are hollering about a fascist or communist-fascist threat, and they are incapable of understanding the essence of the populist moment, which they interpret through old clichés. Hence why they are losing. Hence why they are doomed.

And yet both left and right are unanimous in thinking that this is only a moment, a limited period of time, a kind of quantum in historical movement. Probably no one can say whether the People, and consequently populism, is a system, program, strategy, or merely a temporary correction on the path of liberal globalization. The globalists had their moment in the early ’90s – the unipolar moment. They ruined everything they could over thirty years, turning globalization and the unipolar world into a hideous caricature. The reformers in Russia in the ‘90s did the same with democracy. Now a different moment is arriving. The people is appearing on the stage of world history. This is a chance, a risk, a responsibility, and a challenge. But it is our moment. Not utilizing it would be a real crime.

Yes, that’s right, not taking advantage of such a populist moment would be foolish and even criminal. But is there such a crime that we have not yet committed? Alas, everything rests on our shoulders. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful, open opportunity for a true alternative, a Russian [and European*] alternative.

*This Guideline of the radical philosopher Alexander Dugin, who has had great influence on the worldview of Open Revolt and New Resistance, was originally intended for a Russian audience. Hence the emphasis on the Russian alternative which in this context alludes to a European-Russian alliance, a Continental Bloc from Lisbon to Vladivostok, part of the Greater Eurasian Project. Meant as it was to convey to the forces of Continent-Eurasia the greater meaning of the movements ongoing in the depths of, and gradually rising to the surface of, Europe, we would like to supplement this directive with an ode to Our position on Continent-Europe.

It is no coincidence that the Philosopher of Eurasia is keeping his finger on the pulse of Europe, just as it is no coincidence that in Europe the People is re-emerging, that in Europe the “Populist Moment” is at hand, and that in Europe the artificial borders between ideologies and the People are disintegrating beyond all repair.

The Populist Moment is happening Here and Now in Europe, because it is Europe that stands at the End. This is Our moment. Our Final moment. Europe is the Final Front of the Great War of Continents. The peoples of Europe are the People of the Populist Moment.

The fate of the end of Atlanticist hegemony, the possibility of a clash of civilizations, and the fate of the Old World in this century all depend on the common choice of the Peoples of Europe. North and South, East and West are all converging along the fault lines of Our Great Continent. The Populist Moment has thrown this whole collision up into the air. The forgotten People have begun to sway to the sound of fresh tunes, slogans, headlines, and occasional revelations. The deep, continental earth moving below us is gradually beginning to vibrate. The career politicians exchange glances of worry, the media-ites scramble for angles, the Corrupted begin to scurry, and the Idiots tremble screeching, all the while as we know the sound that is humming. We know the Names, the Ranks, and the Ideologies – we just don’t say their names, for they are here with us already. We know that, when others argue about lesser subjects, our mind is set on the Continent on whose back they all climb. We know that woe cometh to those who know not what they usurp and on whose soil they stand.

The Continent is on the move. Her Peoples’ Eyes are Open and glancing around. The initiated are in place. The traitors have been identified. New Leaders are taking up Our discourse, Our lines, Our media, Our people. The Populist Moment is Our call. To the offensive. To the End.

Europe is Our Heartland. It has its own Resistance, its own Political Theory, its own Myth, its own Spirit, its own Memory and Prophecy. It must. Our continent is among the Oldest. Our Heritage extends far before the “Eurocentric” caricatures of the Modern World. The Liberation of Continent-Europe from the snares of Modernity and the Accomplishment of its End is not decades or centuries, but millennia in the making. Our Continent’s Arsenal and Potential, Our Continent’s People, far transcend the limits of the Era and Ideas into which we have been born and divided.

On the brink of collapse, panting under the weight of the crumbling Liberal, Globalist mediocracy, and faced to stare into the abyss of disintegration into a world neither created nor sovereignly participated in by Us, the People’s Europe is Reawakening. The Whole Continent is Awakening.

This is a chance, a risk, a responsibility, and a challenge. But it is our moment. Not utilizing it would be a real crime…Alas, everything rests on our shoulders. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful, open opportunity for a true alternative, a European alternative.

The Green Star Shines Above Europe, and Shines on Those Who Truly Know Her Fate and Her Father.


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