Ernst Junger: The Power to Kill as Basis of Freedom

(Excerpt from the Ernst Junger novel EUMESWIL)

“The anarch can kill anyone, and this is the basis of his self-confidence, yet he kills only where and when he likes – in any case, far more seldom than the criminal, the chauffeur, or the state. The archaic figure of the mercenary is more consistent with the anarch than is the conscript, who reports for his physical examination an is told to cough when the doctor grabs his scrotum.

“Give me gold and I’ll defend your cause, but I can give notice at any time.” This may happen out of necessity, out of boredom, or because one likes a man and his cause. In any event, the anarch will reserve his decision when a demand is placed on him – even by his own family.

If a weapon is forced on him, he becomes not more reliable but even more dangerous. The collective can shoot only in one direction, the anarch all around.”


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