Dugin & Porrazzo: Thoughts on the Revolutionary Beard

“The Indo-Europeans conceived thick beards as being a natural expression of solar symbolism, for hair was traditionally associated with rays of light, thereby rendering the bearded faces of Indo-European men to be equated to the sun, in contrast to the lunar symbolism of those peoples among whom bearded men are rare or altogether absent. The solar signification of the beard is clearly emphasized in shamanic masks.”

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia: The Logos of Turan: The Indo-European Ideology of the Verticle.

“In decades of militant activism you pick up on some things that may seem minor at first thought but actually reveal a great deal. An example is if a man is past his mid-twenties, and he is not Asian, and unable to grow a beard, or some kind of significant facial hair, you should view him with extreme suspicion. Keep him away from areas were having adequate or optimal testosterone is required to have your goals achieved. Or you will likely regret not having made that decision sooner rather than later. The beard (and bonus points for the shaved head) are correct both esoterically and aesthetically for those who have made it their mission to Burn this World to the Ground and Rebuild Something Better out of its ashes.”

– James Porrazzo, Founder New Resistance, private lecture.

Visit the New Resistance page Revolutionary Beard and contribute your own photo or one of a favorite bearded Revolutionary figure.

Study Noomakhia at the Eurasianist Internet Archive.

Want to learn more about New Resistance? Read our Manifesto. Looking for adventure in North America, Europe, Asia, the European Diaspora in Africa or beyond? Join the Fight.

Live in South or Central America? Check out Nova Resistência.

Don’t get fooled by cheap, boring imitations.

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