The Great Activation by Comrade P.A.B.

The Great Activation

By Comrade P.A.B.

One of the issues that is becoming increasingly important in this depressing and horrible time of unrest and governmental manipulation is the fact that such times of unrest create a great, open window of opportunity.

To take advantage of this opportunity, great coordination and self control is needed, otherwise, there is no point in any action. Always pause to think.

Always bear in mind that you are not the thug and genius you think you are and there is always someone out there that will be better than you at whatever you are doing.

While you may be able to gangster around with the best of them, write extremely well or hack into a government database, never forget that the foe actually pays a lot of money to genuine experts at such crafts. As an example, do you honestly think that your “street” experience will make you able to defeat a member of GSG9? The SAS? Vympel?

Whilst heroic self-sacrifice will make you an inspiration, the aim is similar to that of that apocryphal saying – “I don’t want to die for my country, I want to make others die for theirs”. Never hubristically overstep your abilities, as you are of no use when you do not exist to be useful.

That is not to say that risk does not lead to success. However, analyse your probability at success at a given task and see if you can follow through on it. Otherwise you waste your resources for the cause.

Be very careful of cheap thrills – while various hedonistic behaviours let the pressure off, do not let them damage your mind to the point that you are actually far less effective at achieving your aims.

Also, always remember to use critical thinking whenever you read or watch anything in front of you – there is a dose of snake oil in every article, because no-one, no matter how erudite or well-intentioned can escape the lure of self-aggrandisement when they want to appeal to people.

A word is not a sparrow, it shall not fly away. Neither is an action.


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Don’t get fooled by cheap, boring imitations.

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