The Question of Kurdistan by James Porrazzo

Many people become incongruent when it comes to whose freedom to live as an independent nation they support and whose they don’t.

I, and most of New Resistance, don’t suffer from that problem.

This makes it close to impossible to not support the Kurds and the establishment of an independent Kurdish nation of some kind.

Speaking for myself, I am an admirer of Kurdish culture, of their non-fundamentalist approach to Islam, and of their fighting spirit. I am an advocate of Kurdish freedom and nationhood.

This doesn’t mean it is the United States military’s job to establish or defend that nation.

The U.S. have given arms, training, and funding to the Kurds. None of this has been taken back.

Despite what the liar on your television may tell you, the Kurds have not fought FOR the United States. This is liberal propaganda to defame Donald Trump.

The Kurds have bravely fought against an enemy in the Islamic State and fellow travelers hellbent on annihilating them who happened to also be a common enemy of the United States.

This is an enemy, who under orders of President Donald Trump, the United States crushed.

With that accomplished, President Trump is doing the right thing by pulling the U.S. military out of Syria.

Russia should leave also.

These regional problems need to be solved by the people native to the region.

All of that said, I wish the Kurds a swift victory in combat against the Turks and in establishing Kurdistan.

I’d encourage any Europeans or Euro-Americans who belief in their fight to join them, without breaking their own nation’s laws, unless they choose to. The Kurds accept foreign volunteers and you would surely be welcome.

But the United States military has no place in this conflict.

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

– James Porrazzo, Founder New Resistance

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