New Resistance: Official Statement on Syria, Kurdistan & Erdogan

Official Statement

Somewhere in Europe, October 13, 2019

Forgive the recent history lesson but Erdogan was one of the key agents in destroying Syria – not the Kurds, many of whom are making alliances with President Assad here and now.

Turkey recruited for the Wahabi groups like the Islamic State, trained them, funded them, gave them access to Syria, and a place to rest and recuperate and have their rat families live.

Again NOT the Kurds.

New Resistance was the first English language National Revolutionary, “nationalist” or even “far right” (a term we don’t self-describe as) movement to passionately stand with Syria. When no one else would. We did this when our name was still American Front. and through New Resistance’s entire life continuing through until today. And we will stand with Syria tomorrow as well.

Like in many areas, if we didn’t pave the way, who knows if other groups on the right or third position would have even followed. We were certainly criticized by the major English language speaking organizations of the time for it.

We continue to be passionate supporters of the Syrian government, President Assad, the Syrian Baathist movement, and the courageous Alawites.

We also recognize the legitimate Kurdish asperations toward nationhood. They are a distinct and unique people with their own culture, language, and Traditions, who are the majority in an area which is historically their own.

We understand those who disagree with this position in favor of a unified Syrian state, or unified Iran, or who believe in the myth of a unified Iraq.

We understand those Europeans and in the European diaspora who don’t take sides in the Middle East (despite the Kurds being our Indo-European cousins).

But those who side with Erdogan and his newly revived army of Wahabi butchers active in Kurdistan eyeing Syria drooling with anticipation, while he also threatens to drown Europe in refugees, we don’t understand or relate to at all.

In fact we question your integrity, we question you ideological soundness, and we wonder if you aren’t either receiving a pay check in Turkish Lira once a month or covertly praying towards Mecca five times a day.

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

– New Resistance

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