Zombie Backstabbers of the People

by James Porrazzo

In recent memory we’ve seen National Revolutionaries, nationalists, Populists, and the general ‘will of the people’ be betrayed every time they have tried to be open minded about working with the ‘left’.

Not once but at every opportunity – often timed to do the most damage – these leftist elements have sold out to the System and betrayed both our comrades and their nation without hesitation.

And they have done this with enthusiasm.

Syriza, The Five-Star Movement, a handful of smaller groups with less influence.

Even a two-man operation who betrayed our trust and tried to run a Trotsky inspired scam on our own supporters, devoting themselves to unsuccessfully trying to cause confusion around our New Resistance’s name and symbol.

The sensible approach, given these facts, is to avoid those who wrap themselves in left rhetoric like the plague.

Smartly and wisely treat them as if they had a Zombie virus – which they do, more or less.

They and their supporters are natural born backstabbers of the People and of the Revolution.

No matter what theory may say or how much some of us may wish otherwise.

Anything else in 2019, 2020 and into the foreseeable future is masochism on our part.

Energy wasted on trying to unite with these tendencies and their poisoned ideas and poisoned people is better spent trying to radicalize the center and Right.

There’s a traditional cure for zombies and it isn’t unity or dialogue.

Is it?

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Don’t get fooled by cheap, boring imitations.

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